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Jeff Lorber

b. Jeff Lorber, 4th November, 1952, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Jeff Lorber was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

He took piano lessons from the age of four, and upon leaving high school studied at the Berklee School Of Music.

As a teenager Jeff performed with a variety of local R & B bands.

In 1972 he moved to Portland, Oregon, and formed the Jeff Lorber Fusion, an instrumental jazz funk ensemble which included Kenny G on sax.

In 1975 the group signed with Inner City Records and released a debut album 'The Jeff Lorber Fusion'.

This was followed by 'Soft Space' (1978) before the group switched to Arista for 'Water Sign' (1979).

Further Jeff Lorber Fusion albums followed including 'Wizard Island' (1980) and 'Galaxian' (1981), his first with vocal tracks.

As a solo artist Jeff recorded for Arista 'It's A Fact' (1982), including 'Always There'; 'In The Heat Of The Night' (1984); and 'Step By Step' (1985), including 'Best Part Of The Night' featuring Gavin Christopher, 'Step By Step' produced by The System featuring Audrey Wheeler and 'Every Woman Needs It' featuring James Robinson, which was released in the U.K. by Club Records (via Phonogram).

By now, following the break-up of his marriage, Jeff had moved to Los Angeles where in 1986 he switched to Warner Brothers for 'Private Passion', including 'Facts Of Love' featuring Karyn White (again released by Club Records in the U K).

From here Jeff moved into session work both as a pianist and producer.

Over the years he has worked with numerous artists including Marlon McClain ('Changes' 1981), Kenny G (Kenny G), The Commodores ('Nightshift'), The Dazz Band, Debarge, The Fit, Pleasure, Eugene Wilde, Miki Howard and Jody Watley ('Real Love').

Jeff did not issue his first proper solo LP until 1991's 'Worth Waiting For', remaining both a prolific performer and producer for the rest of the decade.

In 2001, he released 'Kickin' It', which featured a version of the Crusaders 'Keep That Same Old Feelin'.

He toured the U.K. later that year, featuring dates at London's Jazz Cafe.

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The Jeff Lorber Fusion (Inner City 1977)

Soft Space (Inner City 1978)

Water Sign (Arista 1979)

Galaxian (Arista 1980)

Wizard Island (Arista 1980)

It's a Fact (Arista 1981)

In the Heat of the Night (Arista 1983)

Lift Off (Arista 1984)

Step by Step (Arista 1984)

Private Passion (Warner 1990)

Worth Waiting For (Verve 1991)

West Side Stories (Verve 1994)

State of Grace (Verve 1996)

Midnight (Zebra 1998)

Kickin' It (Naradajazz/EMI 2001)

Flipside (Naradajazz/EMI 2005)

He Had A Hat (Blue Note / EMI 2007)

Heard That (Peak Records 2008)

Jazz Funk Soul (Shanachie Records 2014)

Prototype (Shanachie Records 2017)

The Drop (Shanachie Records 2023)

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