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top 20 soul tracks of the year...



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Mamas GunLucky DayeTuckaGideon KingLuxury Soul 2022


YouTube 1. mamas gun - cure the jones (entire album)

(taken from the forthcoming album 2022)


Lucky Daye 2. lucky daye - candy drip (entire album)

(taken from the RCA Records album Candy Drip 2022)


Gideon King 3. tucka - jukebox lover

(taken from a Boogie Report promotional single 2022)


Gideon King 4. gideon king and the city blog - dealing

(taken from a promotional single 2022)


YouTube 5. various artists - luxury soul 2022

(taken from the Expansion Records album 'Luxury Soul 2022' 2022)


Celeste Shaw 6. the lady songbird jinda - lovers groove

(taken from a promotional single 2022)


Celeste Shaw 7. celeste shaw - cristal

(taken from the E.P. 'Cristal' 2022)


YouTube 8. shirley diamond - you don't know

(taken from a Boogie Report single 2021/2)


YouTube 9. don-e - one time is not enough

(taken from the E.P. 'Winter Warmers' 2022)


YouTube 10. joe leavy - love me 2 my soul

(taken from a promotional single 2022)


11. frank mccomb - we were made for us

(taken from a promotional single 2022)


12. ashley scott - together

(taken from a promotional single 2022)


13. pj morton - my peace

(taken from a promotional single 2022)


14. output (feat. audrey wheeler & will downing) - here we go again

(taken from a promotional single 2022)


additional tracks of interest:


Laura Rain and the Caesars - Rise Again LP

Kamasi Washington - The Garden Path

Soulutions - Good Times

The Temptations - 60

Alicia Keys - Love When You Call My Name

Various - Mike Maurro Underground Mixes

Mary J Blige - Good Morning Gorgeous

JD's Time Machine - Rain On My Star (single)

Ely Bruna - In Sweet Harmony



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Durand JonesRita RayJoy DenalaineaFTER 7Sheree Brown


YouTube 1. durand jones and the indications - ride or die

(taken from the Dead Oceans Records album 'Private Space' 2021)


YouTube 2. rita ray - no greater love

(taken from the Funk Embassy Records single (2021)


YouTube 3. joy denalane - the ride

(taken from the Lesedi Records album 'Let Yourself Be Loved'(2021)


YouTube 4. after 7 - tomorrow can wait

(taken from the Roseworks Records album 'Unfinished Business' 2021)


YouTube 5. sheree brown - message from the spirit - the collective (entire album)

(taken from the Expansion Records album 'Message From The Spirit...The Collective' 2021)


YouTube 6. the gabriels - love and hate in a different time

(taken from the Expansion Records album 'Message From The Spirit...The Collective' 2021)


YouTube 7. dylan cartlidge - dare to dream

(taken from the album 'Hope Above Adversity' 2021)


YouTube 8. the bamboos - the thing about you

(taken from the album 'Hard Up' 2021)


YouTube 9. deborah bond - stride

(taken from the album 'compass: I' on Splash Blue Records 2021)


YouTube 10. leela james - rise n'shine

(taken from the album 'See Me' 2021)


YouTube 11. josie falbo - this is real

(taken from the album 'Taylor Street' 2021)


YouTube 12. s.e.l. - be your sun

(taken from the album 'Melodic Harmony' 2021)


YouTube 13. navasha daya - the liberation song

(taken from a Bandcamp single release 2021)


YouTube 14. the resonaires - standing with you

(taken from the album 'Brighter Days Ahead' on Colemine Records 2021)


YouTube 15. ronnie mcneir - understanding

(taken from the a forthcoming project Ronnie McNeir 2021)


YouTube 16. lucky daye - access denied

(taken from the e.p. 'Table For Two' on RCA Records 2021)


YouTube 17. steffen morrison - positivity

(taken from the album 'Soul Revolution' on Dox Records 2021)


YouTube 18. michelle sarah - no crime

(taken from a Colour Red Music single 2021)


YouTube 19. sed marsh - colors

(taken from a promotional single 2021)


YouTube 20. laura rain and the caesars - closer to the win

(taken from an LRC release 2021)


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top 20's from 2000 - 2020



Gregory PorterTower Of PowerPat MethenyThe DevonnsIzi Fitzroy



YouTube 1. gregory porter - rise up (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Rise Up' on Blue Note Records 2020)


YouTube 2. tower of power - addicted to you

(taken from the album 'Step Up' on Artistry Music Records 2020)


YouTube 3. pat metheny - from this place

(taken from the album 'From this Place' on Nonsuch Records 2020)


YouTube 4. the devonns - the devonns (entire album)

(taken from the album 'The Devonns' on Recordkicks Records 2020)


YouTube 5. izo fitzroy - how the mighty fall (entire album)

(taken from the album 'How The Mighty Fall' on Jalapeno Records 2020)


YouTube 6. kem - love always wins (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Love Always Wins' on Motown Records 2020)


YouTube 7. durand jones and the indications - young americans

(taken from a single on Bandcamp & You Tube 2020)


YouTube 8. sheba potts-wright - one lover to another

(taken from the album 'So Damn Good!' on Ecko Records 2020)


YouTube 9. leven kali - day after the rain

(taken from the album 'Hightide' on Interscope Records 2020)


YouTube 10. young gun silver fox - who needs words

(taken from the album 'Canyons' on Go Entertainment Records 2020)


YouTube 11. don-e - doin' it for love

(taken from the e.p. 'I-Soulation' 2020)


YouTube 12. john legend - remember us

(taken from the album 'Bigger Love' on Columbia Records 2020)


YouTube 13. bluey - you are the one / floating world

(taken from the album 'Tinted Sky' on Splash Blue Records 2020)


YouTube 14. lindsey webster - feels like forever

(taken from the album 'A Woman Like Me' on Lindsey Webster. com 2020)


YouTube 15. ben williams - if you hear me

(taken from the album 'I Am A Man' on Rainbow Blonde Records 2020)


YouTube 16. chris jasper - for the love of you

(taken from the album 'For The Love Of You' on Gold City Records 2020)


YouTube 17. frederick - real love/i can't help but love you

(taken from the a 7" single on Iziphosoul Records 2020)


YouTube 18. rasheed ali - love, soul and devotion (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Love, Soul & Devotion' on Rasheed Ali Records 2020)


YouTube 19. carmichael musiclover - work of art

(taken from the album 'The Best Thing Yet' on One Mic Music Records 2020)


YouTube 20. rita ray - how much can a small heart take

(taken from the album 'Old Love Will Rust' on Funk Embassy Records 2020)


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Tony LindsayPJ MortonRandy MullerBobby Sparks IIDiamond Ortiz


YouTube 1. tony lindsay - find the day

(taken from the album 'Something Special' 2019)


YouTube 2. pj morton - m.a.g.a. (make america great again)

(taken from the album 'PAUL' on Morton Records 2019)


YouTube 3. randy muller boom chang bang - welcome to my life (whole album)

(taken from the album 'Welcome To My Life' on Plaza Records 2019)


YouTube 4. bobby sparks 11 - i miss you/schizophrenia

(taken from the album 'Schizophrenia' on Leopard Records 2019)


YouTube 5. diamond ortiz - lift me up

(taken from the album 'Paid Perfection' on the Raise The Roof Records 2019)


YouTube 6. tony momrelle - best is yet to come (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Best Is Yet To Come' on Vibe45 Records 2019)


YouTube 7. soulutions - fate (whole album)

(taken from the album 'Fate' on the Soulutions Records 2019)


YouTube 8. the apx - you'll see love

(taken from the album 'Amplified Experiment' on the APX Records 2019)


YouTube 9. claudia campagnol - do you love me

(taken from the album 'I'm Strong' on Giant Sheep music Records 2019)


YouTube 10. laville - thirty one

(taken from the album 'The Wanderer' on Acid Jazz Records 2019)


YouTube 11. lucky daye - painted (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Painted' on Keep Cool/RCA Records 2019)


YouTube 12. brandon williams - you're mine

(extra track from the album 'The Love Factor' on Soulasis Music Group Records 2019)


YouTube 13. durand jones & the indications - cruisin in the park

(additional 45 taken from the album 'Morning In America' on Secretly Publishing Records 2019)


YouTube 14. the o'jays - 68 summer nights

(taken from the album 'The Last Word' on S-Curve Records 2019)


YouTube 15. rockie robbins - good life (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Good Life' on Expansion Records 2019)


YouTube 16. kejam (feat. juanita wynn) - let it go

(taken from a forthcoming album 2019)


YouTube 17. mavtraxx - so easy (feat. eric roberson)/diz me quando

(taken from the album 'Family Ties' on Maxtraxx Records 2019)


YouTube 18. various artists - luxury soul 2019 & soul togetherness 2019 (entire albums)

(taken from the albums on Expansion Records 2019)


YouTube 19. isaac aragon - love bless america

(taken from a promotional single 2019)


YouTube 20. andre lee - i'm better

(taken from a forthcoming single CD Baby 2019)


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top 20's from 2000 - 2020




Mamas GunYoung GunJon AllenPhony PPLBrian Courtney Wilson



YouTube 1. mamas gun - golden days (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Golden Days' on Absolute Merketing Records 2018)


Young Gun 2. young gun silver fox - am waves (entire album)

(taken from the album 'AM Waves' on Monty Music Ltd T/A Candelion Records 2018)


YouTube 3. jon allen - stay/since you went away

(taken from the album 'Blue Flame' on Monologue Recordings 2018)


YouTube 4. phony ppl - once you say hello

(taken from the album 'Mo-Za-Ik' on 300 Entertainment Records 2018)


YouTube 5. brian courtney wilson - one more praise

(taken from the album 'A Great Work' on Capitol Christian Music In. Records 2018)


Brandon 6. brandon coleman - walk free/live for today/all around the world

(taken from the album 'Resistance' on Brainfeeder Records 2018)


YouTube 7. swing out sister - almost persuaded (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Almost Persuaded' on Swing Out Sister Records 2018)


Jazzy D 8. kamasi washington - testify

(taken from the album 'Heaven & Earth' on Young Turks Recordings 2018)


YouTube 9. the devonns - come back/think i'm falling in love

(taken from a single on Record Kicks Records 2018)


YouTube 10. soulutions - get out/shooting star/second guessing (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Thankful' on Festival Park Productions 2018)


YouTube 11. garfield fleming - grass ain't greener

(taken from the album 'Garfield Fleming' on Cordial Records 2018)


YouTube 12. lindsey webster - love inside (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Love Inside' on Shanachie Records 2018)


YouTube 13. tower of power - do you like that/can't stop thinking about you

(taken from the album 'Soul Side Of Town' on Artistry Music Records 2018)


YouTube 14. michael franks - the music in my head (entire album)

(taken from the album of the same name on Shanachie Records 2018)


YouTube 15. marsha ambrosius - nyla (entire album)

(taken from the album 'NYLA' on E-One Music Records 2018)


Jazzy D 16. karen linette - another star

(taken from a single on Kamaria Music Records 2018)


Jazzy D 17. jazzy d (feat. amber sweeney) - sweet light

(taken from a single on Jazzy D Music Records 2018)


YouTube 18. janelle monae - dirty computer (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Dirty Computer' on Atlantic Records 2018)


YouTube 19. lakecia benjamin - flashback

(taken from the album 'Rise Up' on Ropeadope Records 2018)


YouTube 20. k. avett - lioness (entire album)

(taken from the album 'Lioness' on K.Avett Music Group Records 2018)


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Navasha DayaGene MooreDara TuckerSpeech DebelleDarien


YouTube 1. navasha daya - i too dream of things beautiful (jazzy reworking)

(remix from the album 'Lom Nava Love' on Daya World 2017)


YouTube 2. gene moore - coming home / the prize

(taken from the album 'The Future' on Motown Gospel 2017)


YouTube 3. dara tucker - oklahoma rain/radio/anytime your heart breaks

(whole abum 2017)


YouTube 4. speech debelle - the work / level

(taken from the album 'Tantil Before I Breathe' on Speech Debelle records 2017)


YouTube 5. darien dean - departures (whole album)

(taken from the album 'Departures' on Righteous Music Media 2017)


YouTube 6. musiq soulchild - feel the real (whole album)

(taken from the album 'Feel The Real' on eOne Records 2017)


YouTube 7. kamasi washington - harmony of difference (whole e.p.)

(taken from the album 'Harmony Of Difference' on Young Turks Records 2017)


8. eric roberson - more than stars / slave owners

(taken from the 'Fire' E.P. on Dome Records 2017)


YouTube 9. leroy hutson - positive forces / now that I found you

(promo Acid Jazz singles 2017)


YouTube 10. anita wilson - he will

(taken from the album 'Sunday Song' on eOne Music 2017)


YouTube 11. soulutions - thankful

(promo single 2017)


YouTube 12. frederick - i can't help but love you / games

(promo singles 2017)


YouTube 13. cornel c.c. carter - all the way around / how can i get next to you

(taken from the album 'Vindicated Soul' on Cornell C.C. Carter's own label 2017)


YouTube 14. nyree - brighter shade of love

(taken from the album 'International Girl' NyreeASoul 2017)


YouTube 15. rasheed ali - half steppin'

(taken from the album '1968 Love Power' on Digital Rain Factory Records 2017)


YouTube 16. october london - color blind: hate & happiness (whole album)

(taken from the album 'Color Blind: Hate & Happiness' on Cadillac Music Records 2017)


YouTube 17. brian owens and the deacons of soul - soul of ferguson

(whole abum 2017)


YouTube 18. charlie wilson - i'm blessed

(taken from the album 'In It To Win It' RCA Records Import 2017)


YouTube 19. billy porter - the soul of richard rogers (whole album)

(taken from the album 'The Soul Of Richard Rogers' on Sony Music Records 2017)


YouTube 20. will wheaton & bridgette bryant - how do you do....

(taken from a promotional single 2017)


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Christon GrayLindsey WebsterOctober LondonWorthy Davis


YouTube1. blackmail (black male), my love is real, the glory pt.1, no. 51 (the glory pt.2) - christon gray

(taken from the album 'The Glory Album' on RCA Records 2016)


YouTube2. back to your heart - lindsey webster

(taken from the album 'Back To Your Heart' on Shanachie Records 2016)


YouTube3. bring me up - october london

(taken from the album 'Color Blind: Love' on Cadillac Music Records 2016)


YouTube4. cool/reflection/saltwater - worthy davis

(taken from the album 'Pieces Of Park Hill' on Soundbox Music Cologne Records 2016)


YouTube5. soulmate: another love story - frank mccomb

(taken from the album 'Soulmate: Another Love Story' on Boobescoot Records 2016)


YouTube6. back to you/god is so good/majesty/you are holy - perri

(taken from the album 'Back To You' on Perri Records 2016)


YouTube7. i got to party/don't judge a book - soulutions

(taken from a forthcoming album - 2016)


YouTube8. sunny day/that's love - hannah white

(taken from a promotional single DSG Music 2016)


YouTube9. smile 4 me/different/too busy - gwendolyn collins

(taken from the album 'Storytelling Side II Moments4love' on Harmony Entertainment Records 2016)


YouTube10. blackbird/best friends/the world is calling/sara smile - ashleigh smith

(taken from the album 'Sunkissed' on Concord Music Group Records 2016)


YouTube11. kejam (whole album) - majek

(taken from the album 'Kejam' on Oladisun Majekodunmi/VEC 2016)


YouTube12. looking at me/greatest lover/summer madness - bob baldwin

(taken from the album 'The Brazilian-American Soundtrack' on City Sketches Records 2016)


YouTube13. left me now - jwonn

(taken from the album 'The Legacy Begins' on City I Got This Record Publishing Records 2016)


YouTube14. never know / welcome to my world / legacy of love / all my people - kindred the family soul

(taken from the album 'Legacy Of Love' on We're Not A Label Records 2016)


YouTube15. i see the light/love's revival/racing through the bends - incognito

(taken from the album 'In Search Of Better Days' on Shanachie Records 2016)


YouTube16. don't lose your steam/day dream/in heaven/in fashion - gregory porter

(taken from the album 'Take Me To The Alley' on Decca Records 2016)


YouTube17. endless chain - tanika charles

(taken from the album 'Soul Run' on Tanika Charles Records 2016)


YouTube18. captain's refusal - ed motta

(taken from the album 'Perpetual Gateways' on Must Have Jazz Records 2016)


YouTube19. bring it home to me / let me be the one (nigel lowis mix) - marc staggers

(taken from a single on DSG Records 2016)


YouTube20. l like it like that - sarah lesol

(taken from a single on Dream City Records 2016)


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Lyle DivinskyLulu DikanaLindsay Webster


YouTube1. fallin'/disaster/serious web - lyle divinsky

(taken from the album 'Uneven Floors' on Lyle Divinsky Records 2015)


YouTube2. you rule my world/good l.o.v.e - lulu dikana

(taken from the album 'I Came To Love' on Giant Steps Records 2015)


YouTube3. you change (entire album) - lindsey webster

(taken from the album 'You Change' on Lindsey Webster 2015)


YouTube4. the rhythm changes/cherokee - kamasi washington

(taken from the album 'The Epic' on Brainfeeder Records 2015)


YouTube5. let's leave / everybody needs love / right around - ola egbowon

(taken from the album 'Love Is Alive' on Home Music Records 2015)


YouTube6. heavenly - zonke

(taken from the album 'Work Of Heart' on SME Africa Records 2015)


YouTube7. the love of a good man/peridot/love for sale/love & wisdom/listen/savannah rising - soulutions

(taken from the album 'Destiny' onOne World Records 2015)


YouTube8. your love lifts me higher/all you love - sheree brown

(taken from the albums 'Soul Life' & 'Soul Shine' on Expansion Records 2015)


YouTube9. i'm so glad/i want you - jonathan grier & the tribe of judah

(taken from the album 'No More Chains' on ESMG Records 2015)


YouTube10. just leave/changes/leave the light on - aaron parnell brown

(taken from the album 'The Tin Man' on Aaron Parnell Brown Records 2015)


YouTube11. rocket girl (entire album) - jai malano

(taken from the album 'Rocket Girl' on Rhythm Bomb Records 2015)


YouTube12. all in a days work/have your chance of love - shaun martin

(taken from the album '7 Summers' on Ropedope Records 2015)


YouTube13. you got me - jarrod lawson

(taken from the album 'Bespeak Love' on Bespeak Records 2015)


YouTube14. leave a little love/good lovin man/today I started loving you - diane shaw

(taken from the album 'Life, Love & Strings' on Diane Shaw Records 2015)


YouTube15. life between the notes (complete album) - bluey

(taken from the album 'Life Between The Notes' on Dome Records 2015)


YouTube16. dear mr teddy/gonna make time/look closer - saun & sandra

(taken from the album 'Look Closer' on Daptone Records 2015)


YouTube17. soul night/feeling funky - mather & kingdon

(taken from the album 'Life's So Sweet' on Mather & Kingdon Records 2015)


YouTube18. sincerely yours - danita mumphard

(taken from the album 'Love's Taking Over' on DTM Music Group Records 2015)


YouTube19. show me how to love you / honey to a bee / reach / oh yay / i love it - rhonda thomas

(taken from the album 'Vinyl Daze' on Atlanta Records 2015)


YouTube20. hyde park / gone under / can't let you go - shayna steele

(taken from the album 'Rise' on Ropeadope Records 2015)


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Smokie NorfulShirma RouseKelly Price


please bear in mind that youtube relies on adobe flash player, thank you


YouTube 1. i got what you need - smokie norful

(taken from the album 'Forever Yours' on Tre’Myles/Motown Records 2014)


YouTube 2. l-o-v-e / work for it - shirma rouse

(taken from the album 'Shout It Out Loud' on Shirma Rouse Records 2014)


YouTube 3. metamorphosis - kelly price

(taken from the album 'Sing, Pray, Love, Vol. 1, Sing' on Sang Girl Records 2014)


YouTube 4. woman of the world - marvin gaye & donald byrd

(taken from the 12" 'Where Are We Going?' on Blue Note Records 2014)


YouTube 5. listen (drizabone remix) / philly line (colin watson mix) - soulutions

(taken from a forthcoming single on DSG Music Records 2014)


YouTube 6. live it up / i got it / you're special - don-e

(taken from the album 'Future Rare Grooves' on CD Baby Records 2014)


YouTube 7. counting dreams - julie crochetiere

(taken from the album 'Counting Dreams' on Vega Musique Records 2014)


YouTube 8. please let me in - imaani

(taken from the album 'Standing Tall' on Dome Musique Records 2014)


YouTube 9. someone - moonshoes

(taken from the album 'Moonshoes' on Souple Records 2014)


YouTube 10. tender lies / i will walk away / falling out of your love - papik

(taken from the album 'Sounds For The Open Road' on Irma Records 2014)


YouTube 11. everybody's hustling / never love you more - kindred the family soul

(taken from the album 'A Couple Friends' on Shanachie Records 2014)


YouTube 12. so alive / find a way - loretta

(taken from the album 'Find A Way' on Vaziva Music Records 2014)


YouTube 13. always pray for you / open doors / always on my mind - nosa

(taken from the album 'Open Doors' on Chocolate City Records 2014)


YouTube 14. changes / more than a lover / a little more jesus - erica campbell

(taken from the album 'Help' on eOne Music Records 2014)


YouTube 15. something about july / i couldn't love you more - incognito

(taken from the album 'Amplified Soul' on Shanachie Records 2014)


YouTube 16. the d word / i hope that you're o.k. - babyface and toni braxton

(taken from the album 'Love, Marriage & Divorce' on Babyface Records 2014)


YouTube 17. sweet tenderness / just a little bit of love - ursula ricks

(taken from the album 'My Street' on Severn Records 2014)


YouTube 18. thinkin about you / incredible / come back home - j holiday

(taken from the album 'Guilty Conscience' on Music Line Records 2014)


YouTube 19. love galore / speeches / clear my name / blew your mind - debra debs

(taken from the album 'LifeCycles' on DebraDebs Records 2014)


YouTube 20. control yourself (opolopo mix) - robin mckelle & the flytones

(taken from the album 'Heart Of Memphis' on Doxie Records 2014)


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Janelle MonaeGregory PorterTracy Hamlin


YouTube 1. can't live without your love/dorothy dandridge eyes/i want you back/it's code - janelle monae

(taken from the album 'The Electric Lady' on Bad Boy Records 2013)


YouTube 2. water under bridges/brown grass/time is ticking/no love dying - gregory porter

(taken from the album 'True Spirit' on Blue Note Records 2013)


YouTube 3. this is your life - tracy hamlin

(taken from the album 'This Is My Life' on DMH Records 2013)


YouTube 4. where love goes / being in love with you - sheree brown

(taken from the album 'Messages From The Heart' on Expansion Records 2013)


YouTube 5. what have we learned pt.1/coming around - sandra st.victor

(taken from the album 'Oya's Daughter' on Shanachie Records 2013)


YouTube 6. what took you so long/sky to the ground - tyrone lee

(taken from the album 'Invitation' on Expansion Records 2013)


YouTube 7. vaya mulata - luc cousineau

(taken from the album 'Americana 2' on BBE Records 2013)


YouTube 8. touch me in a special way - al chestnut

(taken from a forthcoming album on Chestnut Brothers Records 2013)


YouTube 9. everything's alright - tony momrelle

(taken from the E.P. 'Fly' on Reel Music Records 2013)


YouTube 10. long weekend/be my lady - trombone shorty

(taken from the album 'Say That To Say This' on Verve Records 2013)


YouTube 11. you and me - august heat

(taken from a 7" single on Soul Junction Records 2013)


YouTube 12. compromise / smoove - joe

(taken from the album 'DoubleBack: Evolution Of R&B' on Massenberg Records 2013)


YouTube 13. hold on/little star - don-e

(taken from the album 'Little Star' on Dome Records 2013)


YouTube 14. pouring rain/good morning sunrise - maysa

(taken from the album 'Blue Velvet Soul' on Shanachie Records 2013)


YouTube 15. you never know - george duke

(taken from the album 'Dreamweaver' on Heads Up Records 2013)


YouTube 16. got to let my feelings show - bluey

(taken from the album 'Leap Of Faith' on Dome Records 2013)


YouTube 17. underway (love is) - dexter story

(taken from the album 'Seasons' on Kindred Records 2013)


YouTube 18. hello world - david p. stevens (feat. frank mccomb and nothende)

(taken from the album 'Epiphany' on Sanctify Music Group Records 2013)


YouTube 19. barbara ann/berimbau/harlem river drive/you came into my life - elements of life

(taken from the album 'Eclipse' on Fania Records 2013)


YouTube 20. catch the sunshine/light to the world/come to me/i can't read your mind - mario biondi

(taken from the album 'Sun' on Sony Records 2013)


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top 20's from 2000 - 2012



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