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Formed in 1979, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.

Disbanded 1989 (in the groups second incarnation)

Debarge comprised of:

Bunny DeBarge (vocals)

Mark 'Marty' DeBarge (trumpet, saxophone and vocals)

James DeBarge (keyboards and vocals)

Randy DeBarge (bass and vocals)


EIdra DeBarge (keyboards and vocals)

The DeBarge family group were formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1978.

The group comprised of four brothers (Eldra, Mark, James, and Randy) and one sister (Bunny).

The group were signed to Motown Records in 1979.

This occurrence transpired with the help of their two older brothers, Tommy and Bobby (both of whom were members of another Motown group called Switch).

Initially known as the DeBarges, the group's career was launched via the album 'The DeBarges' in March 1981.

By 1982, produced by Iris Gordy and Eldra DeBarge, the groups second album, entitled 'All This Love', was released, with James joining the groups ranks.

The album became their first gold-certified success, and contained the hit singles as 'I Like It,' 'Time Will Reveal,' along with the excellent title track.

The album also featured artistic input from Raymond Crossley (from the duo Nolen and Crossley).

Their third album, 'In A Special Way', contained another hit song in the form of 'Love Me in a Special Way'.


After supporting Luther Vandross on a U.S. tour in 1984, they acheived international success with their song 'Rhythm Of The Night', taken from the soundtrack to Motown's film 'The Last Dragon'.

The group also made an appearance in the movie.

DeBarge employed songwriter Diane Warren along with producers David Foster, Richard Perry, Giorgio Moroder, Paulinho Da Costa, Jeff Lorber, Jesse Johnson and Glen Ballard for the project.

The album became the group's third gold release in a row with 'Rhythm' becoming the biggest hit single of their career, reaching the number 3 slot.

A follow up single 'Who's Holding Donna Now?' was also highly successful.

Eldra DeBarge then left the group in 1986, which led to a drop in the group's popularity.

In 1987, Bunny also left the group after the remaining group members signed to the Striped Horse Records imprint.

Bunny's solo album was entitled 'In Love', with her brother, Bobby, co-penning 'Let's Spend The Night'.

Bunny also re-recorded '(Bad Boys) Dance All Night'.

Mark, Randy and James were then the only remaining members.

James was married to Janet Jackson in the mid-80's for a short spell.

Bobby and Chico DeBarge were arrested and convicted of cocaine trafficking charges in 1988.

Bobby DeBarge died on the 16th of August 1995, from the AIDS virus.


Real Player


The DeBarges (Gordy Records 1981)

All This Love (Gordy Records 1982)

In A Special Way (Gordy Records 1983)

Rhythm Of The Night (Gordy Records 1985)

Bad Boys (Striped Horse Records 1988)

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