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Formed in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Original group members were:

Dennis Springer (Tenor and Soprano Sax)

Dan Brewster (Trombone)

Marlon 'The Magician' McClain (Guitars and Background Vocals)

Bruce Carter (b. Bruce Edward Carter, 28th December 1956, d. 12th August 2006, Portland, Oregan, U.S.A., Drums)

Tony Collins (Trumpet / Flugelhorn)

Donald Hepburn (Keyboards and Background Vocals)

Michael Hepburn (Keyboards and Background Vocals)

Nathaniel Phillips (Bass and Background Vocals)

Bruce Smith (Percussion and Background Vocals)

Doug Lewis


Sherman Davis (Lead Vocals and Background Vocals)


Part of Wayne Henderson's At Home Productions, the group Pleasure infused soul, funk and fusion, becoming a cult group on the underground black music scene of the late 70's in the U.K. and the U.S.

Bruce Edward Carter, as a teenager, formed a Portland R & B band called the Franchise with friends Marlon McClain on guitar and Nathaniel Phillips on bass.

In 1972, the band merged with a rival band, the Soul Masters, to form Pleasure.

Dust Yourself OffAccept No Substitutes

dust yourself off - 1975 / accept no substitutes - 1976

Working closely with producer Wayne Henderson in Los Angeles, they signed to Fantasy Records for 'Dust Yourself Off' (in 1975), including 'Midnight At The Oasis', 'Accept No Substitutes' (in 1976), including 'Ghettos Of The Mind',

JoyousGet To The Feeling

joyous - 1977 / get to the feeling - 1978

'Joyous' (in 1977), including 'Sassafras Girl', and 'Get To The Feeling' (in 1978), including 'Ladies Night Out', before themselves producing,

Future NowSpecial Things

future now - 1979 / special things - 1980

'Future Now' (in 1979), including 'Glide', and the album 'Special Things' in 1980.

Give It Up

give it up - 1982

They later recorded an album called 'Give It Up' for RCA in 1981.

In 1976, they recorded with label mates Side Effect on their version of 'Always There'.

The band then went their seperate ways with Marlon McClain releasing a solo project entitled 'Changes'.

Bruce Edward Carter passed away in 2006.

Bruce Carter

bruce carter


Real Player


Dust Yourself Off (Fantasy Records 1975)

Accept No Substitutes (Fantasy Records 1976)

Joyous (Fantasy Records 1977)

Get to the Feeling (Fantasy Records 1978)

Future Now (Fantasy Records 1979)

Special Things (Fantasy Records 1980)

Give It Up (RCA Records 1981)

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