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the commodores

The Commodores

The Commodores were formed at Tuskagee Institute, Alabama, U.S.A., in 1967, when two groups of students merged to form a six-piece band.

Lionel Richie (b. Lionel Brockman Richie, 20th June 1949, Tuskegee, Alabama, U.S.A.; keyboards, saxophone, vocals)

Thomas McClary (b. 6th October 1949, Eustis, Florida, U.S.A.; guitar)


William ('Wak') King (b. 30th January 1949, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.; trumpet)

...had been members of the Mystics...

Andre Callaghan (drums)

Michael Gilbert (bass & lead vocals)


Milan B. Williams (b. 28th March 1949, Oklona, Mississippi, U.S.A. d. 9th July 2006, Texas, U.S.A. ; keyboards)

...who previously played with the Jays...

Andre Callahan and Michael Gilbert

...were replaced by...

Walter Lee Orange (b. 10th December 1946, Florida, U.S.A.)

Sheldon Maurice Reynolds (13th September 1959, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. d 23rd May 2023, U.S.A.) (guitar)

James Dean Nicolas(b. 12th April 1952, Watford, England ex. Heatwave)


Ronald LaPread (b. 1950, Alabama, U.S.A.)

The CommodoresThe Commodores

machine gun - 1974 / caught in the act - 1975

The CommodoresThe Commodores

movin' on - 1975 / hot on the tracks - 1976

The CommodoresThe Commodores

commodores - 1977 / natural high - 1978

The CommodoresThe Commodores

midnight magic - 1979 / heroes - 1980

The CommodoresThe Commodores

in the pocket - 1981 / commodores 13 - 1983

The CommodoresThe Commodores

uprising - 1983 / nightshift - 1985

The CommodoresThe Commodores

united - 1986 / rock solid - 1986

Real Player


Machine Gun (Motown Records 1974)

Caught In The Act (Motown Records 1975)

Movin' On (Motown Records 1975)

Hot On The Tracks (Motown Records 1976)

Commodores aka Zoom (Motown Records 1977)

Commodores Live! (Motown Records 1977)

Natural High (Motown Records 1978)

Midnight Magic (Motown Records 1979)

Heroes (Motown Records 1980)

In The Pocket (Motown Records 1981)

Commodores 13 (Motown Records 1983)

Nightshift (Motown Records 1985)

United (Polydor Records 1986)

Rise Up (Blue Moon Records 1987)

Rock Solid (Polydor Records 1988)

Commodores In Brazil (Motown Records 1990)

Rise Up (Music Mirror, Music Mirror Records 1993)

XX No Tricks (Atlantic Records 1993)

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