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the network pt.1


(soulwalkings on-line scrapbook)


Imagination Crowd

the imagination connection summer 1996

left to right: Roland De Villiers, Michael Dumetz, Ben Neilan (sitting centre), yours truly (fool as always!), Billy Reid, Owen Snee and the work experience guy whose name I can't remember! LOL


Toby Walker 1982

holidaying in newquay, cornwall, summer 1982




Roll Of Honour....





• Chris & Beverly (Fancy a pint...of tea!!? LOL United would be lost without our rantings over the beers...or is that years!! LOL. You have been a real rock solid friend to me. Thank you for that. Oh yes, thanks for keeping me in clothes for the last decade or so!)


Pat Louise & Julie

pat, louise & julie


• Louise (Louise, I know things haven't worked out in the way that you might have wished in the past. Just want you to know that you will always have good friends not too far away.)


• Pat (never can get used to a brother loving the Beach Boys, whilst this brother of another color loves Lamont Dozier! We must have had a personalty swap as babies at the hospital! :))))


Michael And Billy

Michael And Billy 2003


Billy, Gwen & Michael

Billy, Gwen McCrae & Michael 2006


Julie, Mike & Billy

julie, michael and billy 2010


• Michael Dumetz (Been really touched by our friendship. You are a very good human being. Real pleasure to know you, my very good friend. Awful news regarding your mother's passing. Take care comrade)


Chris, Billy & Friends

bangsy, billy reid and!


• Billy Reid (Have a great deal of respect for you my friend. Problem with me is I am always taking the proverbial and never say the right thing! LOL Go make a million with your label and venue! Your mothers passing must have been awful for you. Just call if you need to talk. Love to all of the family.)


Me & Marge

marge and me


• Marge (proof that age ain't nuthin' but a number. thank you for all your positivity and support. you are a very kind woman)


Roland And Pippa

Roland, Pippa, Ella and Pip's Family


• Roland, Pippa and Ella (Keep the filth, Roly! Glad you liked the wedding CD's. Beer anytime you guys!! LOL. Your Wedding was fantastic. Two great families. Thanks a million, and, by the way, where the hell are you!)

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Roy Power

roy power


• Roy Power (Always gets the best dancers before the rest. Roy, you are an inspiration, my friend. Known you for such a long time, always a pleasure to meet up and play some tunes. Take care.)


Nick Power

nick power


• Nick Power (The man you know, who can, and quite often does!! Great 40th, by the way. Look after yourself, my very good friend and thanks for Grace's last birthday gig...'who let the dogs out!!!' LOL)


Tim O'Brien

tim o'brien 1984


Tim, Brian, Roy & Martin

tim, brian, roy, michael and martin


• Tim O'Brien (Bentalls Boogie Man! Round yours for the footy? Take care and keep having opinions on things. Too much apathy out there. The World needs more people like you. Pleasure to know you my friend.)


Richmond Park

luca, sue, roy, steve, tim & nick in richmond park 2011


nick and mark


Scooby Frontline


• The Scooby Frontline! Soul Music's answer to 'catching the Professor'! Meddling kids! Left to right (rear): James Ellis, Sharyn Moore, Tim O'Brien, Sue Johnson, Shanti Egbuniwe, Claire & Martin McGhee and Nick and Roy Power. At the front, heaven knows, but they sure look scared! Now where's my Scooby snacks...LOL...


Grace And Molly

molly and grace


• Tanya, Pete, Molly, Ralph & Jake (One day we WILL win the lottery! Please don't move...! Done it already, Doh! May Peter's father rest in peace. He will survive in your memories. That will make him immortal. Tania, thank you for being such a rock solid friend to Julie. Whenever you call, you should see her face light up! Molly, thanks for coming on the London Eye with Grace and me. Ralph, no I don't want a sandwich!! LOL) can check Peter's excellent website right here...


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Tim & Poppy

tim & poppy


• Tim, Poppy & Family (Always great company. Glad you guys are keeping well, right now. Been a really hard time for the pair of you recently. You are two strong people in all senses of the word. You are always concerned about others and never yourselves. In fact, you always ask after people and that is a rare commodity thesedays. The 'I' words is used by so many folks thesedays. Not by you two. Just take care and, if you need us, we are just around the corner. Love to all of you.)


Dave Toby Pete

with dave (left) and pete (right)


• Dave, Sarah & Zak (What happened to the e-mail address? Which pub? LOL One day I will pin you guys down! LOL)


Ella And Jay

ella and jay


Mark AndrewElla, Sharon & Ann


Mark & Sharon


l: mark r: ella, sharon and ann matura


• Mark, Sharon, Ella & Jay (Best dancers around and the sanest heads around as well!! LOL Love talking to you guys. You are both very special people. Loved the 40th doo...dangerous having free booze around for this deejay...ooh my head!! LOL Take care. Love to you all.)






plug & sparky @ the beat route - circa 1982


Oscar's Christening

lisa's family, (lisa holding oscar), plug and chris fanning at our lady immaculate church 2.11.03


• Lisa, Plug, Oscar and Angus (Glad to have you guys back in the fold. Lisa, you are a very brave woman. You know what I mean. Love to both of you. When are we going to have that next walk? Hope there is a pub at the end of it!! LOL Congratulations on your new baby boy, Oscar in news all year.)








• Trevor, Maureen & Family (respect, my very good friend! Thank you for touching our lives. Glad you liked the Marvin tune. You are both lovely people. Looking forward to your 90th Trevor! LOL)


Dave O'Connor

dave o'connor


• Dave and Jan (Really pleased to know you guys. Great to see you at Oscar's Christening. Thanks for all the Halloumi cheese! LOL)


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Freddie & Michelle

freddie, michelle, rose and julie


• Michelle & Freddie (No, I don't know the address of any good campsites!! Glad you have found your new home. Love to the pair of you. Pleased your eyedrops aren't needed anymore Freddie.)


Billy In The Snow



• Fran O'Donell, Duncan and Billy (great to see you recently. One of those people you don't see for years and it seems like yesterday when we last met. Love to Duncan & Billy. Great to know you guys.)


Lucy O'Donnell and RossLucy In The Sky With Diamonds


Lucy Vodden

lucy 1963 - 2009


• Lucy O'Donell / Lucy Vodden (a very beautiful and humble woman, who was a pleasure to have met. Respect and love from all of the family here, to Ross and the rest of the Vodden family)


Roy & Tim

roy & tim 2011


• Rev Sir Tim Easton a.ka. Tim Dogg - skater extraordinaire! (What do you mean, you are in Santa Monica? Happy 40th, my friend and good to see you in the summer. One of the greatest things about you is you, obviously, really care about this music. You are a real credit to this small ball of rock and water we live on. Look at the great work you do (below), you should be proud, my friend.)


Tim's Network

kids from the organisation that tim volunteers at (tim is bottom centre-right)


Tim's Skates

tim's skates 2004


Tim & Friends

tim & friends 2004


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network 3 page


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