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eugene wilde

Eugene Wilde

b. Ronald Eugene Broomfield, 6th December 1961, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Eugene is part of an eight-strong musical family, and he took to singing at the age of five.

After growing a bit older he joined his family group La Voyage playing Top 40 songs in local clubs.

During the disco boom in the mid-70's the group became Tight Connection and released one single 'Does Anybody Really Know' on the TK-owned Taurus label.

In 1979, he recorded an album with Curtom Records as a member of 'Today, Tomorrow, Forever'.

He became Eugene Wilde after seeing an ad in a newspaper for a nightclub called Wilde Flowers.

A few years later his family group changed their name to Simplicious ('Let Her Feel It') and struck a deal with the Philadelphia based Philly World label.

Eugene soon signed a solo deal with the label and was inspired to write his debut single 'Gotta Get You Home Tonight' (1984) after a trip to England with his writing associate Micky Horton.

The song was a UK Top 20 hit when released here by 4th & Broadway.

The same year saw the release of 'Eugene Wilde' from which 'Personality' made the U.K. Top 40 in 1985.

He also made an appearance in the film 'Rappin', performing a duet 'First Love Never Dies' with Joanna Gardner.

Later in 1985, came 'Don't Say No Tonight', taken from the album 'Serenade', before Philly World closed down and Eugene switched to MCA.

In 1987, he sang two lead vocals with the group Cabo Frio on their Zebra / MCA album Cabo Frio prior to his own MCA album 'I Choose You (Tonight)' (1989).

In 1992, Eugene released 'How About Tonight' on MCA Records. The album was produced by George Duke. He was also joined by his sister Dee Dee Wilde on background vocals

Get Comfortable

get comfortable - 2011

In 2011, Eugene returned with a new album entitled 'Get Comfortable'.

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Eugene Wilde (4th & Broadway 1985)

Serenade (Philly World 1985)

I Choose You (Tonight) (MCA 1989)

How About Tonight (MCA 1992)

Get Comfortable (Celerity Records 2011)

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