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harvey fuqua

Harvey Fuqua

b. Harvey Fuqua, 27th July 1929, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

d. 6th July 2010, Detroit Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Harvey Fuqua, was born in 1929 in Louisville, Kentucky.

He was a hugely respected songwriter, record producer, record label executive, and recording artist.

Harvey created the doo-wop group, the Moonglows (along with Bobby Lester (b. 13th January 1930, d. 15th October 1980), Alexander 'Pete' Graves (b. 17th April 1930, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.) and Prentiss Barnes (B. 12th April 1925, Magnolia, Missourri, U.S.A.), and whose line-up also included Marvin Gaye at one time).

Harvey Fuqua harvey fuqua

This group were originally known as the Crazy Sounds around 1952 (featuring Bobby Lester, Harvey Fuqua, Prentiss Barnes and Danny Coggins).

The Moonglows the moonglows (early incarnation)

The Moonglows the moonglows (with marvin)

The Moonglows first release was for, the deejay, Alan Freed's label, Champagne Records, in 1952, entitled 'I Just Can't Tell You No Lie' b/w 'I've Been Your Dog (Ever Since I've Been Your Man)'.

They recorded several sides for the Chance imprint between 1952 and 1954, before relocating to Chess Records that year, with Harvey fronting the group, however, he dissolved that version and enlisted the group called the Marquees, including Marvin Gaye.

This version of the group was called Harvey and the Moonglows, a line-up which Harvey was a part of before his departure in 1959.

The Moonglows were mentored by Alan Freed, appearing on his radio show, amongst other media projects.

It was Freed who originally changed the group name from the Crazy Sounds to the Moonglows.

Harvey FuquaHarvey Fuqua

Leonard Chess then suggested he should work at the Anna imprint in Detroit, where he began working alongside Anna Gordy, Billy Davis, Lamont Dozier and Johnny Bristol.

Harvey introduced Marvin Gaye to Anna's Gordy's brother, Berry, and then married their sister Gwen Gordy.

He then set up Tri-Phi Records and Harvey Records in 1961, (whose roster included the Spinners, Junior Walker and Shorty Long), however, on being offered a role at Motown, he left the labels to work at the company, heading up the Artist Development department.

Harvey took the Spinners, Tammi Terrell and Johnny Bristol to the imprint.

In 1971, he departed Motown and signed with RCA Records as a producer, enlisting the likes of the Nitelighters and New Birth.

Harvey was instrumental in the emerging career of the Disco vocalist Sylvester, and also was Smokey Robinson's road manager for a while.

Harvey Fuqua

Harvey Fuqua

Harvey Fuqua

Harvey Fuqua

Midnight Love

midnight love - marvin gaye - 1982

In 1982 he worked with Marvin Gaye again, producing Marvin's album 'Midnight Love' album (which included the single ('Sexual Healing').

T.V.O.X.Harvey and the Moonglows

t.v.o.x. - 2000 / harvey and the moonglows 2000

In 2000 he set up his own Resurging Artist Records imprint, releasing the album 'T.V.O.X" (The Voice of Experience)'.

He was also a trustee of The Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

Previously, the Moonglows reunited temporarily in 1972 (with the line-up of Harvey, Lester, Graves, Doc Williams, and Chuck Lewis for RCA Records), and later were were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2000.

More recently he lived in Concord, North Carolina.

Sadly, the Motown Alumni Association stated Harvey died of a heart attack on Tuesday the 6th of July 2010 at a Detroit hospital. He was 80.

Harvey Fuqua

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T.V.O.X. (Resurging Artists Records 2000)

Harvey and the Moonglows (Resurging Artists Records 2000)

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