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detroit spinners

Detroit Spinners

Formed in 1955 at Ferndale High School, near Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., and originally known as the Domingoes, the Detroit Spinners comprised of:

Henry Fambrough (b. 10th May 1935, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. d. 7th February 2024, Sterling, Virginia, U.S.A.)

Robert 'Bobbie' Smith a.k.a. Robert Steel Smith (b. 10th April 1937, Abbeville, Wilcox County, Georgia, U.S.A., d. 16th March 2013, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.)

Billy Henderson (b. 9th September 1939, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. d. 2nd February 2007, Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.A.)

Pervis Jackson (b. Pervis Angelo Jackson, 17th May 1938, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A., d. 18th August 2008, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.)


George Dixon (b. 8th April 1909, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. d. 1st August 1994, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.)


Philippé Soul Wynn (a.k.a. Phillip Walker. b. 3rd April 1941, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. d. 14th July 1984, Oakland, California, U.S.A.)

G.C. Cameron (b. George Curtis 'G.C.' Cameron, 21st September 1945, Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.)

Jonathan 'John' Edwards (b. 25th December 1944, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.)

C.P. Spencer (b. Crathman Plato Spencer (a.k.a. Spencer Craftman), 13th January 1938, d. 20th October 2004)

James Edwards

Edgar 'Chico' Edwards (d. 3rd December 2011, U.S.A.)

Harold 'Spike' Bonhart


Frank Washington

The Detroit Spinners originally signed with the Tri-Phi label in 1961.

The groups name was changed to the 'Motown' and/or 'Detroit' Spinners, a change which was added in the U.K. (to avoid confusion with the Spinners folk group).

The groups first gig saw them sharing the stage with the Four Ames in 1957.

The latter were later to become the Four Tops.

As with the U.K., the Domingoes had to change their name to accommodate a marketplace which had become frequented by various artists of similar names.

In this case this applied, with name similarities to the group's the Flamingo's and the Domino's.

The name 'the Spinners' were, actually, large hubcaps of several vehicles, fashionable in the States throughout the Fifties.

Harvey Fuqua

harvey fuqua

That's What Girls Are Made ForLove (I'm So Glad)

that's what girls are made for - 1961 / love (i'm so glad) I found you - 1961

In 1961 the group joined the Tri-Phi imprint, a label owened by Gwen Gordy and Harvey Fuqua, who later joined the group before the ensemble joined the Motown imprint in 1964, after Tri-Phi was taken under the Motown umbrella.

Although not a member, producer and songwriter Harvey Fuqua sang lead on the group's debut single, 'That's What Girls Are Made For' b/w 'Heebie Jeebies', which reached number 5 in the U.S. R & B chart and reached the pop Top 30 in 1961

In 1962, the group went under the name of Harvey & The Spinners, and also Bobby Smith And The Spinners .

Edgar 'Chico' Edwards then replaced Dixon and Fuqua took the quintet to Motown in 1963.

Sweet ThingI'll Always Love You

sweet thing - 1964 / i'll always love you - 1965

'Sweet Thing' b/w 'How Can I' was released in 1964, whilst 'I'll Always Love You' b/w 'Tomorrow May Never Come' became a minor U.S. hit in 1965.

The Original Spinners2nd Time Around

the original spinners - 1967 / 2nd time around - 1970

1967, saw the release of Truly Yours' before G.C. Cameron replaced Chico in 1970.

The Spinners achieved a major success when the Stevie Wonder composition 'It's A Shame' reached the Top 20 in both the U.S.A. and the U.K. the same year.

In 1972, the group relocated to Atlantic at the suggestion of Aretha Franklin.

Phillipe Wynne

philippe wynne

However, lead singer G.C. Cameron, who had replaced Edwards, opted to remain at Motown and a new singer, Philippe Wynn, was added to the line-up.

The Spinners

With a new singer and, united with producer Thom Bell, the Spinners commenced a series of fine single releases that became classics of their era.

The SpinnersMighty LoveNew & ImprovedPick Of The Litter

spinners - 1973 / mighty love - 1974 / new and improved - 1974 / pick of the litter - 1975

'I'll Be Around', 'Could It Be I'm Falling In Love' (both 1972), 'One Of A Kind (Love Affair)' and 'Mighty Love Part 1' (both 1973) were each R & B chart-toppers, while 'Then Came You', a collaboration with Dionne Warwick, topped the U.S. pop chart.

'Ghetto Child' (in 1973) and 'The Rubberband Man' (in 1976) provided further success.

Spinners LiveHappiness Is Being With The Spinners

spinners live - 1975 / happiness is being with the spinners - 1976

1975 saw the release of the albums 'New And Improved' and 'Pick Of The Litter', which contained he song 'Games People Play', a vocal collaboration between the group and backing singer, Evette Benton (informational source, Bobby Eli).

Evette Benton

evette benton

In 1976, the group released the album 'Happiness Is Being With The Spinners', which not only contained 'The Rubberband Man', but also contained the popular, 'Toni My Love'.

John Edwards

john edwards

A new lead singer, John Edwards, replaced Phillipe Wynne when the latter left for Funkadelic in 1977, but the Spinners continued to enjoy hits, notably with 'Working My Way Back To You / Forgive Me Girl' in 1979, which reached number 1 in the U.K. and number 2 in the U.S.A.

Spinners 8Yesterday, Toady & TomorrowDancin' & Lovin'From Here To Eternally

spinners 8 - 1977 / yesterday, today & tomorrow - 1977 / dancin' & lovin' - 1979 / from here to eternally - 1979

The Michael Zager produced parent album 'Dancin' And Lovin' followed, with 'Body Language' and 'With My Eyes' highlighting.


A medley of 'Cupid' and 'I've Loved You For A Long Time' reached both countries' respective Top 10's in 1980, and came from the album 'Love Trippin', which also contained the songs 'I Just Want To Fall In Love' and 'Split Decision', popular with U.K. Soul Fans.


Love Trippin' Labor Of LoveCan't Shake The Feelin'Grand Slam

love trippin' - 1980 / labor of love - 1981 / can't shake the feelin' - 1981 / grand slam - 1982

In 1981, the Spinners released the album 'Can't Shake The Feelin' for the Atlantic imprint, the album containing the single 'Knack For Me'.

'Grand Slam' followed in 1982 (containing 'Magic In The Moonlight') and in 1984, the group released the, Leon Sylvers produced album, 'Crossfire' (again for Atlantic), which contained the popular 'Love Is In Season'.

CrossfireLove FeelingsDown To BusinessThom Bell Sessions

crossfire - 1984 / love feelings - 1985 / down to business - 1989 / thom bell sessions - elton john & the spinners

In 1989, the group signed for the Fantasy distributed Volt label releasing the album 'Down To Business'.

The new Millennium saw a new lease of life when the Elton John / Thom Bell collaboration, 'Are You Ready For Love?' became a hit song in the U.K.

The song originally appeared by the Spinners solely on their album 'From Here To Eternally' (on Atlantic Records, 1978/79) and on Elton John's 'Thom Bell Sessions' a couple of years earlier.

The Spinners were nominated for six Grammy Awards and they received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the second star for a musical group consisting of Black people.

Billy Henderson

billy henderson

In 2004, Billy Henderson had to leave The Spinners after he tried to sue the corporation and the business manager of the group for financial reasons.

He died at the age of 67 from complications caused by diabetes in 2007.

Edgar Chico Edwards

edgar 'chico' edwards

In 2011, Edgar 'Chico' Edwards passed away on the 3rd of December.

Bobbie Smith

bobbie smith

In 2013, Bobby Smith passed away in Detroit, U.S.A.

Henry Fambrough became the last member of the group make his transition on the 7th February 2024.

Detroit Spinners

Real Player


The Original Spinners (Motown Records 1967)

Second Time Around (V.I.P. Records 1970)

The Spinners (Atlantic Records 1973)

Mighty Love (Atlantic Records 1974)

New And Improved (Atlantic Records 1974)

Pick Of The Litter (Atlantic Records 1975)

Spinners Live! (Atlantic Records 1975)

Happiness Is Being With The Spinners (Atlantic Records 1976)

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Atlantic Records 1977)

Spinners / 8 (Atlantic Records 1977)

From Here To Eternally (Atlantic Records 1979)

Dancin' And Lovin' (Atlantic Records 1980)

Love Trippin' (Atlantic Records 1980)

Labor Of Love (Atlantic Records 1981)

Can't Shake This Feelin' (Atlantic Records 1982)

Grand Slam (Atlantic Records 1983)

Cross Fire (Atlantic Records 1984)

Lovin' Feelings (Atco Records 1985)

Down To Business (Volt Records 1989)

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