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vesta williams

Vesta Williams

b. Mary Vesta Williams, 1st December 1957, Coshocton, Ohio, U.S.A.

d. 22nd September 2011, El Segundo, Near Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Mary Vesta Williams family moved from Ohio to Los Angeles in the '60's, as her father was a disc jockey where he worked for station KGFJ.

Williams and her sisters once appeared on the television show 'Jack and Jill' as The Williams Sisters.

She returned to Ohio in 1977 and sang in her cousin's band in Dayton, but soon went back to Los Angeles to launch a solo career.

Former Fifth Dimension member Ron Townsend put Vesta in his band Wild Honey, and she also performed on sessions and / or toured with Bobby Womack, Chaka Khan, The Commodores, Jermaine Jackson, Ray Parker, Jr., Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, and several others.

Vesta Williams sang on the original version of Joe Sample's 'The Survivor,' and met producer David Crawford while working with his group Klique.

VestaVesta 4 USpecialEverything N'More

vesta - 1986 / vesta 4 U - 1988 / Special - 1991 / Everything N'More - 1993

Crawford took her tapes to A & M, which signed her to a solo contract.

She scored a Top Ten R & B hit with 'Once Bitten Twice Shy' in 1986.

During the '90's, she dropped The 'Williams' from her performing name and recorded only as 'Vesta'.

RelationshipsDistant Lover

relationships - 1998 / distant lover - 2007

In 1998, Vesta released the fine 'Relationships' set to excellent reviews.

On the 22nd of September 2011, Vesta was found dead in a hotel room in El Segundo, just south of Los Angeles.

She passed away from an enlarged heart condition at the age of 53.

Vesta Williams

seven - 2013

An unfinished album was released in 2013, entitled 'Seven' for the Bronx Bridge Entertainment imprint.

Vesta Williams

Real Player


Vesta (A & M Records 1987)

Vesta 4 U (A & M Records 1989)

Everything N'More (BMG Records 1990)

Special (A & M Records 1991)

Relationships (Polygram Records 1998)

Distant Lover (Shanachie Records 2007)

Seven ( Bronx Bridge Entertainment Records 2013)

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