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Chaka Khan

b. Carole Yvette Marie Stevens, 23rd March 1953, Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Illinois, U.S.A.

Born Yvette Marie Stevens on the 23rd of March 1953, this fine singer was raised in Chicago.

Her first group was the Crystalettes, with whom she performed at the early age of 11.

She later joined the Afro Arts Theatre Group and toured with the Motown star Mary Wells.

Following on, she changed her name to Chaka Khan after chores on the Black Panther's Breakfast Program.

She left High School in 1969 and joined a group called Lyfe, where her stay was shortlived and she joined the ranks of the band The Babysitters'.

Chaka later left that group and hooked up with the Ex-American Breed group members Kevin Murphy and Andre Fisher.

The group were originally called 'Ask Rufus', whose lead singer was the artist Paulette McWilliams, who Chaka was to replace and the group became Rufus.

Chaka sang lead vocals on the groups first single release 'Whoever's Loving You Is Killing Me'.

Her vocals were utilised on the title track of the Quincy Jones vehicle 'Stuff Like That' in 1978.

Rufus saw several R & B hit singles and Chaka left the group in 1978 to pursue a solo career.

Chaka KhanChaka KhanChaka KhanChaka Khan

chaka - 1978 / naughty - 1980 / whatcha gonna do for me? - 1981 / chaka khan - 1982

Her first Arif Mardin produced album saw a number one R & B chart smash with the song 'I'm Every Woman'.

As far as contractual arrangements were concerned, Chaka was still obliged to record two further albums with Rufus.

In 1980, she joined ranks again with Rufus for the album 'Masterjam', (another collaboration with Quincy Jones), an album featuring the songs 'Do You Love What You Feel' and 'Live With Me'.

By now, Chaka had relocated to Los Angeles.

She followed the success of her first album with several excellent releases, including 'Naughty' on Warners in 1980 (including 'Move Me No Mountain') and 'What Cha Gonna Do For Me?' (featuring 'Any Old Sunday') in 1981.

Chaka then relocated again to New York.

In 1982, Chaka recorded 'Echoes of an Era', a collection of jazz standards featuring performances from Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea and Lenny White.

Chaka KhanChaka KhanChaka KhanChaka Khan

i feel for you - 1984 / destiny - 1986 / c.k. - 1988 / the woman i am - 1992

In 1984, she recorded the album 'I Feel For You' (an old Prince tune), whose title track became a massive hit on all forms of the music charts, reaching the number one slot in the U.K.

The following year, Chaka acheived R & B success with the songs 'Eye To Eye' and 'This Is My Night'.

In 1988, Chaka released the album 'CK' , an album that was critically acclaimed, however, it's success was muted.

The following year she joined ranks with Quincy Jones again for his 'Back On The Block' project, a liaison that was to continue on his 'Q's Jook Joint' set in 1995.

Chaka KhanChaka Khan

come 2 my house - 1998 / funk this - 2007

In 1998, she released the Prince collaboration album 'Come To My House', which contained the powerful ballad 'Remember You'.

Chaka still records sessions to the present day and released a new set entitled 'Funk This' in 2007.

Her sister is the artist Taka Boom.

Chaka Khan

Real Player


Chaka (Warners Records 1978)

Naughty (Warners Records 1980)

What Cha Gonna Do For Me (Warners Records 1981)

Echoes Of An Era (Elektra Records 1982)

Chaka Khan (Warners Records 1982)

I Feel For You (Warners Records 1984)

Destiny (Warners Records 1986)

CK (Warners Records 1988)

Life Is A Dance - The Remix Project (Warners Records 1989)

The Woman I Am (Warners Records 1992)

Come 2 My House (NPG Records 1998)

Classikhan (Earthsong Records 2004)

Funk This (Burgundy Records 2007)

Hello Happiness (Islandß Records 2019)

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