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gerald albright

Gerald Albright

b. Gerald Albright, 30th August 1957, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Gerald Albright is based in Los Angeles.

Over his career Gerald has established himself as one of the most in-demand sax players in the business.

Gerald has recorded the traditional Jazz styling (most notably on his Atlantic set 'Live at Birdland West') but has chosen to make his career as an R & B saxophonist.

Originally he studied piano before switching to tenor, and in college he began working on the electric bass.

Through the years Gerald has performed in a variety of R&B stylings (with Patrice Rushen, Anita Baker, Quincy Jones, the Temptations, etc.).

He has recorded with other artists including Rockie Robbins, Atlantic Starr, Fire Fox, The Four Tops, Bert Robinson, Bobby Womack, Barbara Weathers, Gangsback, Leon Ware along with many others.

At Atlantic Records, as an artist, his albums include 'Just Between Us' (1987), 'Bermuda Nights' (1988), 'Dream Come True' (1990), featuring vocals by Be Be Winans on 'Growing With Each Other', 'Live At Birdland West (1991), 'Smooth' (1994), 'Giving Myself To You' (1995) and 'Live To Love' (1997).

In 2004, he released 'Kickin It Back' for the GRP imprint.

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Just Between Us (Atlantic Records 1988)

Bermuda Nights (Atlantic Records 1988)

Dream Come True (Atlantic Records 1990)

Live At Birdland West (Atlantic Records 1991)

Smooth (Atlantic Records 1994)

Giving Myself To You (Atlantic Records 1995)

Live To Love (Atlantic Records 1997)

Groovology (GRP Records 2002)

Kickin It Up (GRP Records 2004)

New Beginnings (Peak Records 2007)

Sax For Stax (Peak Records 2008)

Gerald Alston Sings Sam Cooke with Gerald Alston (LST Co. Inc. Records 2008)

Pushing the Envelope (Telarc Records 2010)

G (Bright Music Records 2016)

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