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atlantic starr

Atlantic Starr

Atlantic Starr, at various times, comprised of:

Duke Jones (trumpets)

Sharon Bryant (vocals - b. 14th August 1956, Westchester County, New York, U.S.A.)

Barbara Weathers (vocals- b. 7th December 1963, U.S.A.)

David Lewis (vocals, keyboards, guitar - b. 8th September 1958, White Plains, New York, U.S.A.)

Jonathan Lewis (keyboards, trombone)

Wayne Lewis (vocals, keyboards - b. 13th April 1957, White Plains, New York, U.S.A.)

Koran Daniels (saxophone)

William H. Sudderth III (trumpet)

Damon Marcus Rentie (saxophone)

Clifford Archer (bass)

Joseph Phillips (flute, percussion)

DeWayne Woods (vocals)


Porter Carroll Jnr. (drums)

Atlantic Starr were formed in 1976, out of White Plains, New York.

Duke Jones left the group in it's early incarnation.

NewbanNewban 2

newban - 1977 / newban 2 - 1977

Atlantic Starr originally went under the name of Newban, who released two albums in 1977 ('Newban' and 'Newban 2', which featured 'Free Your Mind') for the Guinness Records imprint.


newban in 1977

Newban comprised of Sharon Bryant, Jonathan Lewis, Porter Carroll and Joseph Phillips alongside Mark Slifstein, Keith Johnson, Albert Jones and Gregory Press.

Recording out of Westwood, California, the group changed their name, following the release of their debut single.

After signing with A&M, they began collaborating with with Bobby Eli, a highly regarded, Philadelphia International, guitarist and songwriter.

Atlantic StarrStraight To The PointRadiantBrilliance

atlantic starr - 1978 / straight to the point - 1979 / radiant - 1981 / brilliance - 1982

Bobby produced their debut album for A&M in 1978, which featured 'Stand Up' (which reached number 16 on Billboard's R&B singles chart).

He also produced the group's second album release 'Straight To The Point' in 1979.

James Carmichael took over the production chores for their 1981 release 'Radiant', which featured the Soul evergreen 'When Love Calls', along with the bright dancer 'Does It Matter'.

James also produced 1982's album 'Brilliance, which featured the massive R&B (number 2) hit 'Circles' and 'Love Me Down'.

Yours ForeverAs The Band TurnsAll In The Name Of LoveWe're Movin' Up

yours forever - 1983 / as the band turns - 1985 / all in the name of love - 1987 / we're movin' up - 1989

'Yours Forever' followed in 1983, which contained, the Sharon Bryant fronted, 'Touch A Four Leaf Clover', which also charted.

Sharon left the group in 1984, and was replaced by Barbara Weathers, who featured on 1985's album 'As The Band Turns'.

Barbara joined after leaving her first band, Covacus.

The album featured a trimmed down line-up that included Barbara Weathers, the Lewis Brothers, and Joseph Phillips.

William Sudderth, Koran Daniels, Clifford Archer, and Porter Carroll had all left the group by this release.

'As The Band Turns' became the group's most successful album, however, it was also the group's final release for A&M, featuring 'Silver Shadows', 'One Love' and the ballad 'Secret Lovers'.

In 1987, the group had relocated to the Warner Brothers imprint for 'All In The Name Of Love', (whose title track was penned by Sam Dees), and the sugary ballad 'Always', which reached number one on both the pop and R&B charts.

Following the number one hit, Barbara Weathers left for a solo career, and was replaced by Porscha Martin for the band's next album, 1988's 'We're Movin' Up'.

This album proved to be less successful, although 'My First Love' did become a number one R&B hit.

Love CrazyTime

love crazy - 1991 / time - 1994

The group recorded one further album for Warners called 'Love Crazy' in 1991.

For this set Porschia Martin was replaced by Rachel Oliver on lead vocals, and featured the song 'Masterpiece', which reached number 3 on both the pop and R&B charts in early 1992.

1994 saw the group at the Arista imprint, releasing 'Time' (which turned out to be David Lewis' final album with the band), and featured another change of personel on lead vocals showcasing Aisha Tanner, who replaced Rachel Oliver.


legacy (U.S. & U.K. sleeves) - 1999

A final album release arrived in 1999, for the independent Solid Street imprint, entitled 'Legacy'.

The album was picked up in the U.K. by the Expansion Records label.

'Legacy' featured the Lewis Brothers (Wayne and Jonathan) along with a returning Rachel Oliver and a new male singer called DeWayne Woods.

Atlantic Starr still continue to tour to this date.

Real Player


as Newban:

Newban (Guinness Records 1977)

Newban 2 (Guinness Records 1977)

as Atlantic Starr:

Atlantic Starr (A&M Records 1978)

Straight To The Point (A&M Records 1979)

Radiant (A&M Records 1981)

Brilliance (A&M Records 1982)

Yours Forever (A&M Records 1983)

As The Band Turns (A&M Records 1985)

All In The Name Of Love (Warner Brothers Records 1987)

We're Movin' Up (Warner Brothers Records 1989)

Love Crazy (Reprise Records 1991)

Time (Arista Records 1994)

Legacy (Street Solid / Expansion Records 1999)

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