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barbara weathers

Barbara Weathers

b. Barbara Weathers, 7th December 1963, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Barbara Weathers replaced Sharon Bryant as the lead singer of Atlantic Starr when Bryant departed for a solo career in 1984.

Barbara Weathers

in atlantic starr - 1985

Barbara sang as lead vocalist on many of the groups songs including 'Silver Shadow' and 'One Love'.

Additionally, her voice was heard on some of their other hits, including 'Secret Lovers' and 'Always'.

Barbara then signed to the Reprise label (via WEA) as a solo artist.

Barbara WeathersSeeing For The Very First Time

barbara weathers - 1990 / seeing for the very first time - 2001

Here she delivered 'Barbara Weathers' (1990) including the Maurice White co-written and produced 'Anywhere'.

The album featured artistic input from the likes of Chuckii Booker, Maurice White, Bill Meyers, Surface and Gerald Albright.

'Seeing For The Very First Time' followed in 2001 on the Weberworks label out of Japan.

The album featured the popular track 'Some Things Are Worth Waiting For'.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

satisfaction guaranteed - 2012

A further Weberworks album was released in 2012, entitled 'Satisfaction Guaranteed', which included several cover versions of well known evergreen's, including the Rumer song 'Aretha'.

Barbara Weathers

Real Player


Barbara Weathers (Reprise Records 1990)

Seeing for the Very First Time (Weberworks Records 2001)

Satisfaction Guaranteed (Weberworks Records 2012)

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