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rockie robbins

Rockie Robbins

b. Edward W. Robbins Jnr., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Rockie's uncle owned a record shop where he discovered his love for music.

By the time he was eleven he had collected over 10,000 singles and had decided to be a performer.

As a teenager he sang with a group The Mystics, during which time he sent a demo of his voice to A & M Records in Los Angeles.

Rockie RobbinsYou and Me

rockie robbins - 1979 / you and me - 1980

He was signed immediately and released a debut album 'Rockie Robbins' (1979), including 'I Can Hardly Wait', 'When I Think Of You' and 'Be Ever Wonderful'.

The following year the title track of 'You And Me' was an American R & B hit and established him with UK soul fans.

By now he had moved to Los Angeles where he remains today.

I Believe In LoveRockie Robbins

i believe in love - 1981 / rockie robbins - 1985

His next album was 'I Believe In Love', including 'Time To Think', 'Give Our Love A Chance', 'Talk To Me' and 'An Act Of Love', produced by Skip Scarbrough and Jerry Peters.

It was his last for A & M before he switched to MCA for 'Rockie Robbins', including 'I've Got Your Number', 'We Belong Together' and 'Goodbye's Don't Last Forever'.

Also at MCA he recorded 'Emergency' for the soundtrack of the movie 'Beverly Hills Cop.

Are You Ready

are you ready? - 1991

In 1989 he signed to the Respect label in the UK, initially for a single 'Serious', later an album 'Are You Ready' (1991), including 'You Hit My Love' and 'I'll Always Love You'.

Rockie is currently completing a brand new album 'Good Life' for release on Expansion in early 2019 ahead of a London show at the Jazz Café on 10th March'.

Rockie Robbins

Real Player


Rockie Robbins (A & M Records 1979)

You & Me (A & M Records 1980)

I Believe In Love (A & M Records 1981)

Rockie Robbins (A & M Records 1985)

Are You Ready? (Respect Records 1991)

Good Life (Expansion Records 2019)

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