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david lasley

David Lasley

b. David Eldon Lasley, 20th August 1947 Branch, Michigan, U.S.A.

d. 9th December 2021, U.S.A.

David idolized black soul singers and decided that one day he would sing like one, even though he was white!

After becoming a self-taught vocalist, his first professional break came when, aged seventeen, he got a part in 'Hair' and joined a local group Valentine And Rosie.

Moving into the lucrative field of session work, David's reputation found him work with numerous artists including Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Sister Sledge ('We Are Family'), Chic ('Everybody Dance'), Boz Scaggs, Debra Laws, Herb Alpert, General Johnson and Luther Vandross.

He also arranged vocals for Odyssey on their classic 'Native New Yorker'.

In 1984 he signed to the EMI America label for the Don Was-produced solo album 'Raindance', including 'Saved By Love', while through the course of the '80's he established his songwriting skills writing / co-writing for artists including Chaka Khan ('Roll Me Through The Rushes'), Debra Laws ('Meant For You' and 'All The Things I Love'), Angela Bofill (Tell Me Tomorrow'), Janice McClain ('Last Goodbye'), Pattl Labelle ('Come What May' and 'I See Home'), Jennifer Holliday ('I Am Ready Now'), Aretha Franklin ('There's A Star For Everyone'), and perhaps most successfully Anita Baker ('You Bring Me Joy', earlier recorded by Norman Connors for whom he also wrote 'Justify').

In 1990, a second solo album 'Soldiers On The Moon' was released by the Japanese Agenda label and included his own version of 'You Bring Me Joy'.

During the last ten years, Lasley has toured regularly with James Taylor and has remained a highly regarded songwriter, session singer and arranger.

In 2000, the UK based label Expansion released new material on a set entitled 'Expectations Of Love'. Excellent stuff.

Davd Lasley passed away in December 2021.

Check his website:

There is some Real Audio from Davids latest album 'Back To Blue Eyed Soul' at his site. Just click here.

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with the group 'Rosie':

Better Late Than Never (1976)

Last Dance (1977)


Demo's (Rondor Records 1981)

Missin' Twenty Grand (EMI Records 1982)

Raindance (EMI Records 1984)

Soldiers on the Moon (Agenda Records 1990)

Expectations Of Love (Expansion Records 2000)

Back To Blue Eyed Soul (Zacoda Records 1966 - 2000)

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