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donna summer

Donna Summer

b. LaDonna Adrian Gaines, 31st December 1948, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

d. 17th May 2012, Key West, Florida, U.S.A.

Born in Boston, Massachussetts, Donna rose to fame in the Seventies with hits including 'Hot Stuff', 'Bad Girls' and the ground-breaking 'Love to Love You Baby'.

Four Seasons Of Love

Her most Soulful album was, probably, her 1976 release, 'The Four Seasons Of Love', which contained the dancer 'Spring Affair' along with the ballad 'Winter Melody'.

Donna died in the morning, of the 17th of May 2012, at her home in Key West, Florida following a battle with cancer, an illness she partially blamed on breathing in the dust from the disaster following 9/11.

She was living in an apartment near the Twin Towers at the time.

Her family released a statement saying that they 'are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy'.

She was currently working on a forthcoming album at the time of her death.

Donna is survived by her husband, Brooklyn Dreams co-founder Bruce Sudano, their two children: Brooklyn and Amanda, and her daughter, Mimi, from a previous marriage.

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Donna Summer

Donna SummerDonna Summer

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Love To Love You Baby (Oasis Records 1975)

A Love Trilogy (Oasis Records 1976)

Four Seasons Of Love (Casablanca Records 1976)

I Remember Yesterday (Casablanca Records 1977)

Once Upon A Time (Casblanca Records 1977)

Live And More (Casablanca Records 1978)

Bad Girls (Casablanca Records 1979)

The Wanderer (Geffen Records 1980)

Donna Summer (Geffen Records 1982)

She Works Hard For The Money (Mercury Records 1983)

Cats Without Claws (Gefien Records 1984)

All Systems Go (Geffen Records 1987)

Another Place And Time (Warners Records 1989)

Love Is Gonna Change (Atlantic Records 1990)

Mistaken Identity (Atlantic Records 1991)

This Time I Know It's For Real (Burgundy S Records 1993)

Crayons (Burgundy S Records 2008)

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