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jennifer holliday

Jennifer Holliday

b. Jennifer-Yvette Holliday, 19th October 1960, Riverside, Texas, U.S.A.

Jennifer Holliday was born in Riverside, Texas in 1960.

Jennifer’s career has been built upon her stage success, especially as Effie Melody White in the musical ‘Dreamgirls’, which later realised a hit in the melody ‘And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going’.

Her first main stage roles began in 1979, when she was 19 years old.

Jennifer featured in the production ‘Your Arms Too Short to Box with God’, which led to acting roles by the time she reached the age of 21.


jennifer holliday in 'Dreamgirls'(left)

In 1981, Jennifer had been cast in the production of ‘Dreamgirls’, remaining in the role for nearly four years.

‘And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going’ was released as a single in 1982, reaching number-one on the Billboard R&B chart, and number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Jennifer HollidayJennifer HollidayJennifer HollidayJennifer Holliday

dreamgirls - 1982 / feel my soul - 1983 / say you love me - 1985 / get close to my love - 1987

An album, of the stage production of ‘Dreamgirls’ was released on the Geffen imprint in 1982.

Three further albums followed during the Eighties (‘Feel My Soul’ in 1983, ‘Say You Love Me’ in 1985 and ‘Get Close To My Love’ in 1987).

On 1983's 'Feel My Soul', Jennifer collaborated with Earth, Wind & Fire’s, Maurice White.

Various album tracks charted, including ‘I Am Love’ (in 1983), ‘Hard Time For Lovers’ (in 1985), ‘No Frills Love’ (in 1985) and ‘Heart on the Line’ (in 1987).

In 1989, Jennifer sang 'Gotta Give It Up' on Rodney Franklin’s album 'Diamond Inside Of You'.

She returned to the stage in 1985, performing in 'Sing, Mahalia Sing' and has also acted in the television series 'The Love Boat'.

By the turn of the Nineties, Jennifer’s sound had matured.

Jennifer HollidayJennifer HollidayJennifer HollidayJennifer Holliday

i'm on your side - 1991 / on & on - 1995 / goodness and mercy - 2011 / the song is you - 2014

She released the album ‘I’m On Your Side’, for Arista Records, which featured the Gary Taylor penned dancer ‘Love Stories’ (considered by many Soul fans as her finest moment).

In 1995, she relocated to the Intersound imprint for ‘On & On’, before a nearly 20 year break, and a label move to Shanachie Records, for the album ‘The Song Is You’.

During her break, Jennifer concentrated on session singing and Gospel appearances.

She collaborated with the likes of Luther Vandross, The Oak Ridge Boys, Andrae Crouch, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, and the Mighty Clouds of Joy.

In the 1990’s, Jennifer dealt with several personal issues, including depression and weight losses and gains.

In April 2011, she released a Christian CD entitled ‘Goodness and Mercy’ on her own Euphonic Records label.

Jennifer received a Doctor of Music from Berklee College of Music, Boston in 2000.

She now lives in Atlanta.

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with Loretta Devine, Cleavant Derricks:

Dreamgirls Original Broadway Cast (Geffen Records 1982)


Feel My Soul (Geffen Records 1983)

Say You Love Me (Geffen Records 1985)

Get Close To My Love (Geffen Records 1987)

I'm On Your Side (Arista Records 1991)

On And On (Inter Sound Records 1994)

Goodness and Mercy (Euphonic Records 2011)

The Song Is You (Shanachie Records 2014)

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