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chuckii booker

Chuckii Booker

b. Eugene Allen Booker, Jr., 19th December 1962, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Chuckii Booker has been prominent on the Urban R & B Contemporary front as an instrumentalist, bandleader, songwriter, and performer.

Born in Los Angeles, he was proficient on guitar and drums by age 14, but for a while preferred graphic art to music.

His godfather, Barry White, signed him to a deal with White's production company in 1984, but Booker left after White failed to issue an LP he recorded.

Barry White's wife Glodean is a close friend of Chuckii's mother.

He joined Tease, and played keyboards with them for three years.

Booker began to earn his reputation as a producer after this, working with C.J. Anthony, Barry White, Geoffrey Williams, and Lalah Hathaway.

He also recorded as an instrumentalist with Vanessa Williams, Troop, and Kool and the Gang, and toured with Janet Jackson as her musical director on the Rhythm Nation tour.

Booker has also recorded as a solo act for Atlantic.

His most recent release was 'Niice 'N Wild' in 1992 containing 'Games', highly popular on the UK soul scene.

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Chuckii (Atlantic Records 1989)

Niice 'N Wiild (Atlantic Records 1992)

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