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wornell jones

Wornell Jones

b. Wornell Jones, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Born in Washington D.C., Wornell Jones grew up in the neighbourhoods of the area.

As a youngster, Wornell was always playing, singing or doing something musical.

After playing in local bands in D.C., Wornell began undertaking studio sessions in the early seventies for soul artists including Millie Jackson, Joe Simon, and other groups and artists.

Wornell began to tour with the likes of Sly and the Family Stone, Eddie Kendricks and KoKo Taylor.

He then began to write for many artists including The Pointer Sisters and Earth, Wind & Fire.

In 1979, he released his self titled album for Paradise Records.

The album contained the track 'Must Have Been Love', which was highly popular in the U.K.

The female co-vocalist on the song was Maxayn Lewis Moriguchi, who still collaborates with Wornell to this day.

Wornell has also worked with songwriter and guitarist, Nils Lofgren formally of the E Street Band.

He recorded and toured extensively with Nils, until moving to Tokyo, Japan in 1992.

Wornell has an excellent portfolio of songwiting credits which include, The Pointer Sisters 'Black & White', Ramsey Lewis 'Three Piece Suite', Maria Muldaur 'Open Your Eyes', Rufus 'Sealed In Red', B.T. Express '1980', Rockie Robbins 'Rockie Robbins' and Earth, Wind & Fire 'The Eternal Dance'.

He is a good friend of the artist Art Madison.

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Wornell Jones (Paradise Records 1979)

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