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ramsey lewis

Ramsey Lewis

b. 27th May 1935, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Real Player


Down To Earth (EmArcy Records 1958)

Gentleman Of Swing (Argo Records 1958)

Gentlemen Of Jazz (Argo Records 1958)

An Hour With The Ramsey Lewis Trio (Argo Records 1959)

Stretching Out (Argo Records 1960)

The Ramsey Lewis Trio In Chicago (Argo Records 1961)

More Music From The Soil (Argo Records 1961)

Sound Of Christmas (Argo Records 1961)

The Sound Of Spring (Argo Records 1962)

Country Meets The Blues (Argo Records 1962)

Bossa Nova (Argo Records 1962)

Pot Luck (Argo Records 1962)

Barefoot Sunday Blues (Argo Records 1963)

The Ramsey Lewis Trio At The Bohemian Caverns (Argo Records 1964)

Bach To The Blues (Argo Records 1964)

More Sounds Of Christmas (Argo Records 1964)

You Better Believe It (Argo Records 1965)

The In Crowd (Argo Records 1965)

Hang On Ramsey! (Cadet Records 1965)

Swingin' (Cadet Records 1966)

Wade In The Water (Cadet Records 1966)

Goin' Latin (Cadet Records 1967)

The Movie Album (Cadet Records 1967)

Dancing In The Street (Cadet Records 1967)

Up Pops Ramsey Lewis (Cadet Records 1968)

Maiden Voyage (Cadet Records 1968)

Mother Nature's Son (Cadet Records 1969)

Another Voyage (Cadet Records 1969)

Ramsey Lewis: The Piano Player (Cadet Records 1970)

Them Changes (Cadet Records 1970)

Back To The Roots (Cadet Records 1971)

Upendo Ni Pamoja (Columbia Records 1972)

Funky Serenity (Columbia Records 1973)

Sun Goddess (Columbia Records 1974)

Don't It Feel Good (Columbia Records 1975)

Salongo (Columbia Records 1976)

Love Notes (Columbia Records 1977)

Tequila Mockingbird (Columbia Records 1977)

Legacy (Columbia Records 1978)

Routes (Columbia Records 1980)

Three Piece Suite (Columbia Records 1981)

Live At The Savoy (Columbia Records 1982)

Les Fleurs (Columbia Records 1983)

Chance Encounter (Columbia Records 1983)

with Nancy Wilson: The Two Of Us (Columbia Records 1984)

Reunion (Columbia Records 1984)

Fantasy (Columbia Records 1986)

Keys To The City (Columbia Records 1987)

Classic Encounter (Columbia Records 1988)

with Billy Taylor: We Meet Again (Columbia Records 1989)

Urban Renewal (Columbia Records 1989)

Electric Collection (Columbia Records 1991)

Ivory Pyramid (GRP Records 1992)

with King Curtis: Instrumental Soul Hits (GRP Records 1993)

Between The Keys (GRP Records 1996)

Dance of Your Soul (GRP Records 1997)

Hang on Sloopy ([MCA] MCA Special Price Records 1998)

In Concert 1965 [live] (Giants of Jazz Records 1998)

Appassionata (Narada Records 1999)

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