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tom browne

Tom Browne

b. Tom Browne, 30th October 1954, Queens, New York, U.S.A.

Tom Browne originally played piano, having taken lessons from the age of 11.

Turning to the trumpet, inspired by his collection of jazz albums, his first gig was in a Queens club The Village Door.

In 1975, he landed his first professional gig with Weldon Irvine.

From here he played with Sonny Fortune ('Infinity ls') and Lonnie Smith ('Gotcha') and was later introduced to Dave Grusin & Larry Rosen at GRP Records via Earl Klugh.

Tom BrowneTom BrowneTom BrowneTom Browne

browne sugar - 1979 / love approach - 1980 / yours truly - 1981 / magic - 1981

Dave Grusin & Larry Rosen signed him to GRP (via Arista) and Tom broke onto the music scene in 1979 with a highly acclaimed instrumental jazz fusion album 'Browne Sugar', not released in the UK.

His first real breakthrough came in 1980 with the release of 'Funkin' For Jamaica', taken from his second album 'Love Approach'.

The single was a U.K. Top 10 hit, and featured the lead vocals of Tonni Smith (later a voice allegedly utilized by S-Express on 'Theme From S-Express').

Continuing his association with producers Dave Grusin & Larry Rosen, his next albums were 'Yours Truly' (1981), including 'Fungi Mama' and 'Bye Gones', and 'Magic' (1982), including 'Midnight Interlude' and 'Thighs High (Grip Your Hips And Move)', before he signed directly to Arista.

Here he progressed into an electro style of jazz with 'Rockin' Radio' from a 1983 album of the same name (which also included a final GRP production 'Brighter Tomorrow').

Tom BrowneTom BrowneTom BrowneTom Browne

rockin' radio 1983 / tommy gun - 1984 / no longer I - 1988 / mo' jamaica funk - 1994

In 1984 he recorded a final Arista album 'Tommy Gun', which featured Siedah Garrett singing lead on the leading moment 'Secret Fantasy' produced by Maurice Starr.

Also in 1984 he recorded with Fuse One on their 'Ice' album.

He also recorded with Roy Ayers on 'Goree Island', taken from his 'In The Dark' album.

Tom moved to Malaco records and performed a large amount of session work.

Tom BrowneTom Browne

another shade of browne - 1996 / s' up - 2010

In 2000, Tom re-recorded 'Funkin' For Jamaica' on Jazz FM's '101 Eastbound' compilation alongside fellow jazz artist, Bob Baldwin.

The track re-utilised the vocal skills of Tonni Smith (featured on the original).

Real Player


No Longer I (Malaco Records 1972)

Love Approach (GRP Records 1979)

Browne Sugar (GRP Records 1979)

Yours Truly (GRP Records 1981)

Magic (Arista Records 1981)

Rockin' Radio (Arista Records 1983)

Tommy Gun (Arista Records 1984)

Mo' Jamaica Funk (Hip Bop Records 1994)

Another Shade of Browne (Hip Bop Records 1996)

R 'N' Browne (Hip Bop Records 1999)

S' Up (Cheetah Records 2010)

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