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earl klugh

Earl Klugh

b. Earl Klugh, 16th September 1953, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Earl Klugh is, arguably the best acoustic guitarist around today.

He does not consider himself a jazz player and thinks of Chet Atkins as being his most important influence.

Earl Klugh

chet atkins and earl klugh

Further down the line, Earl was to be a performing guest on several of Atkins' album releases.

In return, Chet Atkins played on Earl's 1976 'Magic In Your Eyes' album.

As a child, Earl picked up the guitar at the age of 3.

When he was 15, he played on his first recording with Yusef Lateef's Suite 16.

In 1971, Earl was praised for his contributions to George Benson's 'White Rabbit' album release, later joining him on tour.

Earl played regularly with George Benson in 1973, was a member of 'Return to Forever' briefly in 1974 and then in the mid-'70's began recording as a solo artist.

Earl KlughEarl KlughEarl KlughEarl Klugh

living inside your love - 1976 / earl klugh - 1976 / finger paintings - 1977 / magic in your eyes - 1978

Earl's first full solo album release was for the Blue Note imprint, entitled 'Living Inside Your Love' (also a title for a later George Benson album, titled after the same melody).

He remained at Blue Note until 1978, before switching labels to United Artists, his debut for the label being 'Magic In Your Eyes'.

Earl KlughEarl KlughEarl KlughEarl Klugh

heartstring - 1979 / late night guitar - 1980 / dream come true - 1980 / crazy for you - 1981

Earl's 1987 album, 'Collaboration', partnered him again with George Benson.

Earl KlughEarl KlughEarl KlughEarl Klugh

low ride - 1982 / wishful thinking - 1984 / nightsongs - 1984 / soda mountain shuffle - 1985

Earl has recorded for the Liberty, Columbia, United Artists, Warner Brothers and Capitol imprints, throughout the Eighties.

Earl KlughEarl KlughEarl KlughEarl KlughEarl KlughEarl Klugh

life stories - 1986 / collaboration - 1987 / whispers and promises - 1989 / midnight in san juan - 1991 / cool - 1992 / move - 1994

In the Nineties, he released 5 albums for the Warner Brothers and Windham Hill labels.

Earl KlughEarl KlughEarl KlughEarl Klugh

peculiar situation - 1999 / night guitar - 2005 / the spice of life - 2008 / hand picked - 2013

In the 2000's he has released three albums.

2008’s 'The Spice of Life', earned Earl his 12th Grammy nomination.

His popular recordings (for Blue Note, Capitol, Manhattan and Warner Brothers) tend to use funk beats, stick closely to the melody, and put the emphasis on his distinctive sound.

Earl Klugh is at times unfairly categorized as a smooth jazz artist.

As with the likes of Grover Washington Jnr., he is more of a cutting edge fusion performer.

Earl Klugh

Real Player


Love Songs (Capitol Records 1976)

Earl Klugh (Liberty Records 1976)

Magic in Your Eyes (One Way Records 1976)

Ballads (Manhattan Records 1976)

Finger Paintings (Blue Note Records 1977)

Living Inside Your Love (Capitol Records 1977)

Heart String (Capitol Records 1979)

Dream Come True (One Way Records 1979)

One on One (Columbia Records 1979)

Crazy for You (EMI Records 1981)

Low Ride (Capitol Records 1982)

Key Notes (Capitol Records 1982)

Two of a Kind (Manhattan Records 1982)

Wishful Thinking (Capitol Records 1983)

Hotel California / Super Guitar Duo (Verve Records 1983)

Heart String / Late Night Guitar (Liberty Records 1983)

Delta Lady (Precision Records 1983)

Soda Fountain Shuffle (Warner Records 1984)

Nightsongs (Capitol Records 1985)

Life Stories (Warner Records 1986)

Journey (Warner Records 1986)

Midnight in San Juan (Warner Records 1989)

Solo Guitar (Warner Records 1989)

Whispers and Promises (Warner Records 1989)

Sounds and Visions, Vol. 2 (Warner Records 1991)

The Earl Klugh Trio, Vol. 1 (Warner Records 1991)

Cool (Warner Records 1992)

Late Night Guitar (One Way Records 1993)

Move (Warner Records 1994)

Sudden Burst Of Energy (Warner Records 1995)

The Journey (Warner Records 1997)

Peculiar Situation (Windham Hill Records 1999)

Naked Guitar (Koch Records 2005)

The Spice Of Life (Koch Records 2008)

Hand Picked (Heads Up Records 2013)

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