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Steve Alaimo

b. Steve Alaimo, 6th December 1939, Rochester, New York, U.S.A.

Steve Alaimo was born in Nebraska, and became a Pop singer in the early Sixties, later becoming a Soul Music Record Producer and label owner.

Steve hosted and co-produced Dick Clark's 'Where the Action Is' during the late 1960's and achieved nine Billboard Hot 100 singles.

He relocated to Rochester, New York as a child, and moved into the music business whilst attending the University of Miami.

the redcoats: steve alaimo, jim alaimo, brad shapiro and jim 'chris' christy

His White Doo-Wop group, the Redcoats, enlisted Steve as the main vocalist and guitarist, joining Jim Alaimo (Steve's cousin) on rhythm guitar, Brad Shapiro on bass and Jim 'Chris' Christy on drums.

Recording for Kite Records, the group released the single 'Perkin' b/w 'Hi Ho' and 'Jelly' b/w 'The Girl Can't Help It' for Lifetime Records in 1957.

The group later played a gig held by DJ Bob Green and label owner Henry Stone, which led to the group landing a record deal with Henry Stone's Marlin Records imprint.

In 1959, they released 'I Want You To Love Me' b/w 'Blue Skies' which became a local hit on the Marlin label, whilst Bob Green became Steve's manager.

Henry Stone was later to take on that role.

Also at Marlin, Steve released the single ''The Weekend's Over' the same year.

Prior to his Marlin releases, Steve released two 45's for Dade Records.

1959 also saw Dick Clark taking his Caravan of Stars show to Miami, who were in need of a group, and the Redcoats were enlisted.

Under the name of Steve Alaimo and the Red Coats, the group released 'My Heart Never Said Goodbye' for Imperial Records.

The Redcoats went their separate ways in 1960, leaving Henry Stone taking Steve into a more Soulful vocal arena, backing him with a full African American group.

A local club called Edan Roc hired the group as the house band.

Henry Stone began utilising Steve as a promotion man for his Tone Distributors label, which landed Steve his first major record deal with Checker Records, a subsidiary of Chess Records, in 1961.

every day I have to cry - 1963 / twist with steve alaimo

In 1963 he released the Arthur Alexander song, 'Every Day I Have to Cry' b/w 'Little Girl', which made number 46 on the Billboard Charts.

Mashed PotatoesStarring Steve AlaimoEveery Day I Have To CryWhere The Action Is

mashed potatoes - 1962 / starring steve alaimo - 1963 / every day I have to cry - 1963 / where the action is - 1965

Steve then left Checker for Imperial Records in 1963, and ABC Records in 1964, however, it was Dick Clark who later hired Steve as his music director and producer between 1965 and 1966.

In this role, he took the opportunity to promote his own records on air, however, his production work limited his recording output.

Steve then signed with Atlantic Records/Atco Records in 1967, and also began producing music for groups such as Sam & Dave, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes, and The 31st of February, an early incarnation of The Allman Brothers Band, for whom he co-wrote one of their songs, 'Melissa'.

He remained at Atco up until 1971, releasing his own version of 'Melissa' b/w 'Smilin' In My Sleep' in 1970.

During this period he produced many hit records, and also took to acting, taking on the role of a film actor in movies such as 'Wild Rebel' (which featured his song 'You Don't Love Me'), 'Alligator Alley' and 'Stanley' (both in 1972).

By 1969, Henry Stone and Steve began working together again, setting up Alston Records, where they had a hit big with the Betty Wright songs 'Clean Up Woman'. and 'Where Is The Love?'

Steve's own recordings were now at the Entrance imprint, and included the songs ''When My Little Girl Is Smiling' (in 1971), 'Thorn In Our Roses' (in 1971), 'Amerikan Music' (in 1972) and 'Sand In My Pocket' (in 1972).

That year, Timmy Thomas charted with 'Why Can't We Live Together' for Henry Stone's Glade Records, which was released in partnership with Atlantic Records.

Henry decided to bring together all of the various Alaimo/Stone imprints under the TK Records umbrella in 1973.

In 1974, Harry Wayne Casey and Rick Finch presented a demo to Henry and Steve, and they recommended George McCrae sing the finished song.

'Rock Your Baby' charted that year, after which the business partnership of Casey, Finch, Alaimo and Stone would bear fruit in the coming years with the group KC and the Sunshine Band.

TK saw further success with the songs 'Ring My Bell' for Anita Ward, 'Get Off' and 'Hot Number', for Foxy and 'What You Won’t Do For Love' and 'Down For The Third Time' for Bobby Caldwell.

The label also saw the first gold selling 12"single, Peter Brown's 1977 song, 'Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me'.

TK Records initially folded in 1981, leading to Steve resting for a while.

However, in 1987, Steve created Vision Records with the engineers Ron and Howard Albert, offering distribution for artists including Betty Wright, Stephen Stills, Inner Circle, Jimmy Cliff and Dion.

The label produced and promoted Miami Bass records, whose roster included Beatmaster Clay D.

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Twist With Steve Alaimo (Checker Records 1961)

Mashed Potatoes (Checker Records 1962)

Every Day I Have To Cry (Checker Records 1963)

Steve Alaimo (Crown Records 1963)

Starring Steve Alaimo (ABC Paramount Records 1963)

Where The Action Is (ABC Paramount Records 1965)

Steve Alaimo Sings And Swings (ABC Paramount Records 1966)

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