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peter brown

Peter Brown

b. Peter Brown, 11th July 1953, Blue Island, Illinois, U.S.A.

Peter Brown first came to fame with the first million-selling twelve dance single, 'Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me.'

Brown was a pioneer in home recording, having recorded his seminal hit in his bedroom.

His '70's era home recording studio is pictured on the cover of Westside / DNA's 'Get Funky With Me: The Best of the TK Years'.

He also co-wrote Madonna's 1985 pop hit, 'Material Girl,' with Peter Rans.

Peter Brown

Born 11th July,1953 in Blue Island, Illinois, Brown, who started playing drums in his teens, attended the Art Institute Of Chicago and experimented with his four-track reel to reel tape recorder in his bedroom studio.

He became proficient at performing all the music himself. The singer / keyboardist / producer was signed to Hialeah, FL-based Drive Records, a subsidiary of Henry Stone's TK Records.

His first album for the label, 'A Fantasy Love Affair', was produced by Cory Wade, who had helped Brown get the record deal.

'Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me' went to number three R & B, number 18 pop on Billboard's charts in summer 1977.

Other singles from the LP were 'Dance With Me' and 'You Should Do It' with Betty Wright.

'A Fantasy Love Affair' was issued on CD by Collectables in 1998.

Another Drive LP, 'Stargazer' yielded 'Crank It Up (Funk Town) Part 1.'

His 1983 RCA LP, 'Back To The Front' included the charting single, 'Baby Gets High.'

Peter's 1984 Columbia LP, 'Snap', included the dance classic 'Zie Zie Won't Dance,' the dub reggae-sounding 'Hot Flash,' 'Electric Shoes,' 'Double or Nothing,' and the single, 'They Only Come Out At Night.'

In September 1999, Brown's 'Chasing Fireflies' was released by Orchard and in November 1999, U.K. label Resurgence issued Brown's 'Party In The Rain' CD.

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A Fantasy Love Affair (Drive Records 1978)

Stargazer (TK Records 1979)

Back To The Front (TK Records 1983)

Snap (Columbia Records 1984)

Fantasy Love Affair (Collectables Records 1998)

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