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timmy thomas

Timmy Thomas

b. Timmy Thomas, 13th November 1944, Evansville, Indiana, U.S.A.

d. 11th March 2022, U.S.A.

Timmy Thomas is probably best remembered for his, socially aware, 1972 song 'Why Can't We Live Together'.

He is a competent vocalist, songwriter, keyboard player and producer.

Timmy began his career collaborating with the likes of Donald Byrd and Cannonball Adderley.

He also was part of a group called Phillip & The Faithfuls, which also included the singer Phillip Reynolds, releasing material for the Goldwax imprint, including 'Love Me', 'What'Cha Gonna Do' and 'If You Love Her' (all in 1964).

Have Some BoogalooPeople Are Changin'

have some boogaloo - 1967 / people are changin' - 1973

He then became a session musician in Memphis, continuing to release solo sides for Goldwax, including 'Have Some Boogaloo' and 'It's My Life'. in 1967.

In 1970, he had switched label to the Climax imprint, recording one side called 'What's Bothering Me' in 1970.

Why Can't We Live TogetherYou're The Song

why can't we live together - 1972 / you're the song i've always wanted to sing - 1974

Relocating to Miami, Florida, in 1972, Timmy signed to the Glades Records imprint, where, later that year, he released his classic 'Why Can't We Live Together' b/w 'Funky Me'.

'Why Can't We Live Together' topped the Billboard R&B chart, made the top three in the Billboard Hot 100, and Top Ten in many other countries including the U.K., incidentally, being one of the first singles to feature the use of a drum machine.

In total, the song sold over two million copies and was covered by the British Soul singer, Sade in 1984 on her 'Diamond Life' album.

Timmy followed up the release with the song 'People Are Changin' b/w 'Rainbow Power', which reached the charts in 1973.

In 1974, he released the album 'You're The Song I Always Wanted To Sing', which epitomised the Miami Sound.

He went on to release 6 further Glades 45's and then, in 1975 recorded a duet with Betty Wright entitled 'It's What They Can't See'.

The MagicianTouch To Touch

the magician - 1976 / touch to touch - 1977

During 1976 and 1980, Timmy recorded singles for both the Glades imprint and the T.K. Disco label, including 'Stone To The Bone', 'Africano', 'Touch To Touch', 'The Magician', 'Freak In, Freak Out', and 'Drown In My Own Tears'.

During this period he performed on sessions for TK Records artists, including Gwen McCrae, and in later years in the role of a producer.

LiveGotta Give A Little Love

live - 1979 / gotta give a little love (ten years after) - 1984

Timmy went on to record several R & B hits culminating in 'Gotta Give A Little Love (Ten Years After)', a U.S. Top 30 soul entry in 1984 for Gold Mountain Records.

Timmy appeared on Nicole McCloud's 1985 album 'What About Me?', singing on a duet with her called 'New York Eyes'.

New York EyesWith Heart and Soul

new york eyes - 1985 / with heart and soul - 1994

In the 1990's he worked as a producer for LaFace Records ('A LaFace Family Christmas' etc.) and released the album 'With Heart and Soul ' for the DTM Records imprint.

In recent years, Timmy was also a featured vocalist on the Blue Eyed soul singer Joss Stone's 'The Soul Sessions' album.

Timmy passed away in March 2022, at the age of 77.

Timmy Thomas

Real Player


Why Can't We Live Together (Glades Records 1972)

You're The Song I Always Wanted To Sing (Glades Records 1975)

The Magician (Glades Records 1976)

Touch To Touch (Glades Records 1977)

Live (Glades Records 1980)

Gotta Give A Little Love (Gold Mountain Records 1984)

With Heart & Soul (DTM Records 1994)

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