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shirley caesar

Shirley Caesar

b. Shirley Ann Caesar, 13th October, 1938, Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Born in North Carolina, Shirley Caesar is known as the 'First Lady of Gospel'.

At the age of 10 she began singing and performing for family and friends.

She graduated from Shaw University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1984.

She also received honorary doctorates from Shaw University and Southeastern University.

Her professional career began in the 60's when she was with the Caravans.

In 1966 she began making a name for herself on the gospel music circuit.

During the Seventies and Eighties Shirley worked with, and had songs written for her by, Ronn Matlock.

Among her other gospel hits are 'God Is Good,' 'Revive Us Again' and 'Time to Be Blessed.'

Shirley has received numerous awards for her gospel albums.

She has received Grammy Awards for 'Stand Still', 'Shirley Caesar Live...He Will Come', 'Sailin', 'Rejoice', 'Celebration' and 'He's Working It Out For You'.

Between 1981 and 1985 she has received eight Dove Awards for Black Gospel Album of the Year for 'Live at the G.M.W.A., Live...In Chicago', 'Christmasing', 'Sailin', and 'Go and Rejoice'.

Two Black Gospel Song of the Year Awards for 'He's Working It Out for You' and 'Hold My Mule.'

Besides being the minister of her church in North Carolina and performing concerts nationwide, Shirley has performed on Broadway.

Her Broadway performances include roles in 'Born to Sing: Mama 3', 'Mama I Want to Sing' and 'Sing: Mama 2'.

She made a guest appearance at the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World with fellow artists Peabo Bryson, Ce Ce Winans, Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford.

Her activities included performing for President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton at a campaign function.

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First Lady (Hob 1977)

Shirley Caesar Sings Her Gospel Favorites,... (Spire 1978)

Live in Chicago with Rev. Milton Brunson &... (Word 1988)

He Heard Me Cry (Black Label 1990)

Celebration (Myrrh 1990)

He's Working It Out (Word 1991)

I Remember Mama (Word 1992)

Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name (Word 1992)

Sailin' (Word 1992)

Christmasing (Word 1992)

Treasures (Hob 1992)

Throw Out the Lifeline (Hob 1993)

Why Me Lord (Hob 1993)

He Touched Me (Hob 1994)

Stand Still [live] (Word 1994)

No Charge (Hob 1995)

Don't Drive Your Mama Away (Hob 1995)

Live...He Will Come (Word 1995)

Just a Word [live] (Word 1996)

A Miracle in Harlem [live] (Sony 1997)

Lord Will Make a Way (AMW 1997)

Shirley Caesar & the Caravans (601 1997)

Christmas with Shirley Caesar [Sony] (Sony 1998)

I'll Go (Frank Music 2000)

Christmas with Shirley Caesar [Myrrh] (Myrrh 2000)

You Can Make It (Sony 2000)

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