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peabo bryson

Peabo Bryson

b. Robert Peapo Bryson, 13th April 1951, Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A.

Peabo Bryson was born Robert Peapo Bryson, on the 13th of April 1951, in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A.

Peabo Bryson

By 1965, he was a featured vocalist in the band Al Freeman and the Upsetters.

During the years 1968 and 1973, he sang with the group Moses Dillard & the Tex-Town Display.

Also, during that period, he composed and produced for the Bang Records imprint, out of Atlanta.

He also sang, during this period with Michael Zager's Moon Band.

Peabo BrysonPeabo Bryson

disco queen b/w instrumental - 1975 / underground music b/w it's just a matter of time - 1976

In 1975 he recorded a debut single, entitled 'Disco Queen', which was followed by a couple of singles, including 'Underground Music', for Bang's subsidiary Bullet Records.

That track was produced by Michael Zager.

Peabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo Bryson

peabo - 1976 / reaching for the sky - 1977 / crosswinds - 1978 / we're the best of friends - 1979

Whilst still at Bang, he released his first album offering in 1976, simply entitled 'Peabo'.

After a few moderate hits at Bang, Peabo relocated for a lucrative period at Capitol Records.

His first Capitol album, 'Reaching For The Sky', was an instant hit, with the title track making number 6 on the R & B charts.

During this period, Peabo still sand with the Michael Zager Moon Band, only departing in 1979.

Peabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo Bryson

paradise - 1980 / live and more - 1980 / turn the hands of time - 1981 / i am love - 1981

Other recordings at Capitol included 'Crosswinds' in 1979, 'Paradise' in 1980, 'Turn The Hands Of Time' in 1981 and 'Don't Play With Fire' in 1982.

Peabo's career has not remained that of a solo artist all of the time.

He recorded with Roberta Flack, shortly after the suicide of Donny Hathaway, almost standing in on the album 'Live And More' in 1981.

Peabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo Bryson

don't play with fire - 1981 / born to love - 1983 / straight from the heart - 1984 / take no prisoners - 1985

The duo subsequently recorded the album 'Born To Love' in 1983, which included the U.K. Top 5 hit 'Tonight I Celebrate My Love'.

Peabo, also recorded duets with the artists Natalie Cole, Melissa Manchester, and Regina Belle.

By 1984, he had relocated from Capitol to the Elektra label, where his debut album was 'Straight From The Heart'.

That album spawned the successful song 'If Ever You're in My Arms Again.'

Peabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo Bryson

quiet storm - 1986 / positive - 1988 / all my love - 1989 / can you stop the rain - 1991

In 1986, Peabo released the album 'Quiet Storm', an album that was well received amongst soul purists and contained the songs 'Good Combination', 'Somebody In Your Life' and 'Catch 22'.

After a short return to the Capitol label for the album 'All My Love', Peabo moved on to Columbia Records where he released the album 'Can You Stop the Rain', which included the song 'Closer Than Close'.

Peabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo BrysonPeabo Bryson

through the fire - 1994 / peace on earth - 1997 / unconditional love - 1999 / missing you - 2007

In 1999, Peabo released the album 'Unconditional Love' for the Private Music label.

That album included the song 'On and On' which received heavy daytime airplay on the U.K. Soul Music Stations.

Peabo Bryson is also an accomplished songwriter, penning 'Feel The Fire', recorded by Stephanie Mills and Teddy Pendergrass.

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Peabo (Bullet Records 1976)

Reaching for the Sky (Capitol Records 1978)

Crosswinds (Capitol Records 1978)

The Best Of Friends (with Natalie Cole) (Capitol Records 1979)

Paradise (Capitol Records 1980)

Live & More (with Roberta Flack) (Atlantic Records 1980)

Turn the Hands of Time (Capitol Records 1981)

I Am Love (Capitol Records 1981)

Don't Play with Fire (Capitol Records 1982)

Born to Love (Capitol Records 1983)

Straight from the Heart (Elektra Records 1984)

Take No Prisoners (Elektra Records 1985)

Quiet Storm (Elektra Records 1986)

Positive (Elektra Records 1988)

All My Love (Capitol Records 1989)

Can You Stop the Rain (Columbia Records 1991)

Through the Fire (Columbia Records 1994)

Peace on Earth (Capitol Records 1997)

Family Christmas (Great Noise Records 1998)

Unconditional Love (Private Music Records 1999)

Missing You (Peak Records 2007)

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