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ronn matlock

Ronn Matlock

b. Ronald Matlock, 15th September 1947, Hamtramck, Michigan, U.S.A.

d. 1st April 2020, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Ronn Matlock released one excellent solo album in 1979, however his musical talents have been utilised on many projects over the years.

Prior to the release of the 'Love City' album, Ronn had been offered a songwriters contract at Motown Records but turned down the offer....twice!

Ronn's tunes were, however, recorded there, being sung by Bobby Taylor and the Originals ('Out In The Country' from his set 'Taylor Made Soul') and produced by Ricky Matthews, a.k.a. Rick James.

Ronn continued to hang out at Motown, working with and observing Norman Whitfield.

Ronn MatlockRonn Matlock

love city -1979

Ronn's 1979 album 'Love City' is regarded as a minor masterpiece by soul music fans in the United Kingdom.

The album was released on Cotillion Records, out of New York, and was produced by the legendary Michael Stokes.

On each of the Michael Stokes projects, were the orchestral arrangements of the late Johnny Allen Snr, who won an Academy Award for his compositions on the movie 'Shaft'.

Recorded in the Sound Suite Studio in Detroit and utilising the Detroit Symphony Horns, 'Love City' contained the highly sought after tunes 'I Can't Forget About You', 'Working Man' and 'Take Me To The Top (Of Your Mountain)'.

Ronn Matlock

Ronn's album is regarded as a 'rare groove' album by soul punters in the United Kingdom.

During the same period of time that Ronn recorded 'Love City', he penned lyrics and melodies for Keith Barrow's 'Physical Attraction' LP including, 'You Know You Wanna Be Loved,' 'Turn Me Up' and the title song amongst others.

Most of the work on this project was undertaken whilst basking in the sun of Miami Beach at Christmas time!

Keith Barrow recorded a further album, without Ronn's input, which was less successful and, in 1983, Barrow contacted Ronn, asking whether Ronn might include some of his input on a new project he was working on for Don Cornelius's label.

Ronn agreed, however, Keith died from AID's a fortnight later.

Ronn undertook songwriting chores for gospel diva Shirley Caesar's 'From the Heart' LP on the song 'Heavenly Father'.

Keith BarrowShirley Caesar

keith barrow - physical attraction - 1978 / shirley caesar - from the heart - 1978


Both of the Keith Barrow and Shirley Caesar albums were very well received by the public and contained some excellent pieces of songwriting.

During the 80's, Ronn wrote songs for a close friend, Eddie Kendricks, including 'Something Shady is Going On', 'No Wonder (I Can't Get Over You)' and 'Never Alone'.

These tunes were taken from Eddie's 'Vintage 78', 'Something More' and 'Love Keys' albums.

Ronn, also, wrote 'Feel Like Givin' Up' for the band Posse, who were managed by Kendricks.

Many other projects have seen a touch or two of Ronn's input, however, these are said to be his favourites.

He, also, wrote the lyrics and melody for Millie Scott's 'Ev'ry Little Bit', while sitting behind the wheel of his car, and suddenly pulling onto the side of a busy highway late one night to get his idea's onto his micro cassette recorder!

When Ronn stopped recording (due to production company management difficulties) he did not 'exactly' drop out of the music business.

In 1994, Ronn's track 'Heavenly Father' appearred on Merry Clayton's album 'Miracles'.

Ronn Matlock

ronn in 2010

Ronn was a songwriter long before he began recording his own compositions.

Ronn would construct melodies and lyrics to his colleague's background musical compositions.

Ronn Matlock

He was, what is thought of, in music circles, as a 'song doctor', in that he can take a good musical track and infuse it with catchy hooks, words and the way they should be performed.

Ronn Matlock, sadly passed away in 2020, at the age of 72.

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Love City (Cotillion Records 1979)

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