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keith barrow

Keith Barrow

b. Keith Errol Barrow, 27th September 1954, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

d. 22nd October 1983, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Los Angeles based, Keith Barrow signed to CBS records in 1978, where he worked with producer Michael Stokes.

Keith BarrowKeith Barrow

Keith Barrow - 1973 / Keith Barrow - 1977

Keith's initial releases came in the early 70's, up until the early 80's in a 4 album catalogue of music.

His only real hit was 'You Know You Want To Be Loved' (number 26 R & B) in 1978, a sweet soul-style mid-tempo number with a rich soulful instrumentation.

Keith BarrowKeith Barrow

Physical Attraction - 1978 / Just As I Am - 1980

This track, along with several others on the album, was penned by the excellent songwriter, Ronn Matlock.

'Turn Me Up', a disco dancer, also reached the charts the following year.

Keith, Willie and Clyde

keith with his parents, willie and clyde

Keith's first singing experience was in gospel music, as befitting the son of a famous Chicago minister, The Rev. Willie Taplin-Barrow, who is Keith's mother.

Rev. Barrow, is known as 'The High Priestess of Protest', and served as the National Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of The Rainbow / PUSH Coalition.

She passed away in 2015.

Willie was also President Barack Obama's godmother and worked on Jesse Jackson's Presidential campaign in 1984.

Keith Barrow was an early victim of AIDS. He died on 22nd October 1983.

Over a thousand people attended Keith's memorial services at Operation Push's Auditorium in Chicago.

Keith BarrowKeith Barrow

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Keith Barrow (Jewel Records 1973)

Keith Barrow (Columbia Records 1977)

Physical Attraction (Columbia Records 1978)

Just As I Am (Capitol Records 1980)

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