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phil hurtt

Phil Hurtt

b. Phillip Levi Hurtt, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Phil Hurtt hails from Philadelphia.

He established himself in the early 70's as one of the Young Professionals.

They were a group of talented songwriters and producers on the Philadelphia R & B scene.

One of Phil's biggest songwriting successes was 'I'll Be Around' which he co-wrote with Thom Bell in 1973, a classic soul recording for the Detroit Spinners and later a U.K. hit for Terri Wells.

Phil grew up in Philadelphia, and at the age of 12, he began singing with his brother Al and his cousin Sarah Williams in New York, in Harlem.

Phil Hurtt

After Sarah decided to start a family, Phil signed to King Records, releasing his first single at the age of 15 ('Frankenstein's Party').

He then went into the services, serving in the Air Force.

On leaving the services, Phil returned to Philadelphia, and decided to concentrate on a songwriting career.

Phil Hurtt

Thom Bell gave Phil his nickname 'PH Factor', and Phil then met Leroy Lovett and Gamble and Huff, with whom he began a working relationship with.

In 1972, he was signed to Atlantic Records as a writer and producer.

Phil wrote songs for the likes of the Persuaders, Jackie Moore and was responsible for signing Sister Sledge to the imprint.

He joined forces with Richie Rome and worked with the artists, the Chi-Lites, Vivian Reed, Diane Steinberg, the Village People and the Checkmates.

Phil began working closely with Bunny Sigler, an early co-production being a 1973 Atlantic album 'Sweet Charlie Babe' for Jackie Moore.

He also co-produced 'The Weathermen' and 'Mama Never Told Me', the first two singles for Sister Sledge that year.

As a recording artist he signed briefly with Fantasy in 1978, his single release 'Giving It Back' being a popular soul / dance record that year and a U.K. Top 40 hit.

He was also involved in the Hi Gloss album for Prelude, for which he co-wrote all of the songs.

Phil HurttSoulful Tale Of Two Cities

In 2007, Phil became involved in a project involving Soul Artists from Detroit and Philadelphia, entitled 'A Soulful Tale Of Two Cities'.

Phil Hurtt

Phil Hurtt

Real Player


Giving It Back (Fantasy Records 1978)

P H Factor (Fantasy Records 1979)

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