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jackie moore

Jackie Moore

b. Jackie Moore, 1st January 1946, Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, U.S.A.

d. 8th November 2019, U.S.A.

Jackie was best remembered for her 1970 song ‘Precious, Precious’ b/w 'Willpower' (recorded with the Memphis Horns).

The song reached number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1971 and sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc awarded by the R.I.A.A. in 1971.

Jackie MooreJackie Moore

‘Dear John’ b/w ‘Here I Am’ (1968) / 'Why Don’t You Call On Me’ b/w ‘Instr.’ (1968).

Before the 1970 single, Jackie was signed to the Shout Records imprint, where she released ‘Dear John’ b/w ‘Here I Am’ and ‘Why Don’t You Call On Me’ b/w ‘Instr.’ in 1968.

She moved to Wand Records in 1969 for ‘Loser Again’ b/w ‘Who Told You’.

Jackie then had a pop chart hit (at number 42) with Bunny Sigler and Phil Hurtt's ('the Young Professionals') ‘Sweet Charlie Babe’ in 1973, which she recorded with the Philadelphia Strings and Horns for Atlantic Records.

Jackie MooreJackie Moore

sweet charlie baby - 1973 / make me feel like a woman - 1975

She released an album, of the same name, in 1973, before signing to Kayvette Records for ‘Make Me Feel Like A Woman’ in 1975.

Jackie MooreJackie Moore

i'm on my way - 1979 / with your love - 1980

Jackie switched to the Columbia imprint for two further albums, namely ‘I’m On My Way’ in 1979, and ‘With Your Love’ in 1980 (featuring her take on the Philly Soul classic ‘Love Won't Let Me Wait’).

Jackie achieved a 1979 disco hit with ‘This Time Baby’, taken from her 1979 album.

‘This Time Baby’ reached number 49 in the U.K. Singles Chart, that year.

Jackie’s final recordings came in 1991 and 1992, with the singles ‘What Do You Say To A Lady’ and ‘Why’ (Club Mix).

A retrospective album ‘Precious, Precious – The Best Of The Atlantic Years’ was released on Ichiban Records in 1994.

Her cousin is the producer and songwriter, Dave Crawford (Candi Staton etc.)

Jackie passed away in November 2019, at the age of 73.

Jackie Moore

Real Player


Sweet Charlie Babe (Atlantic Records 1973)

Make Me Feel Like A Woman (Kayvette Records 1975)

I'm On My Way (Columbia Records 1979)

With Your Love (Columbia Records 1980)

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