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mitty collier

Mitty Collier

b. Mitty Lene Collier, 21st June 1941, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.

Mitty Collier is, probably, most fondly remembered for the Soul Classic, 'I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night' b/w 'Free Girl (In the Morning)'.

Still active in the church today, Mitty began her career as a part of the Hayes Ensemble and sang in the church as a child.

The group toured Alabama and Georgia.

After being discovered by Ralph Bass, who worked for Chess Records after spotting her performing during a talent show, Mitty was signed to the label in 1960.

Mitty won the WGES DJ Al Benson's Talent Contest at the Regal Theater for six weeks running.

Her first release for Chess was the 1961 single 'I've Got Love' b/w 'I Got To Get Away From It All', which was followed by 15 further 45's released between 1961 and 1968.

She recorded many secular sides for the label, however, she achieved real success with 'I'm Your Part Time Love' b/w Don't You Forget It', an 'answer' to Little Johnny Taylor's 'Part Time Love'.

The song reached the US R & B Top 20 in 1963.

I've Got LoveShades Of A Genius

i've got love - 1961/45 - shades of a genius - 1965

It was in 1964, that Mitty re-recorded the James Cleveland spiritual 'I Had A Talk With My God Last Night', substituting the word 'God' for the word 'man'.

Produced by Billy Davis, the song wasn't Mitty's highest charting single, however, it has been covered by many artists, including Dusty Springfield, Marva Wright, Inez Foxx and Shirley Brown, and did reach number 3 on Cashbox Magazines chart at the time.

'Sharing You' became a top ten R & B 45 in 1966.

Another James Cleveland composition, 'No Cross, No Crown', became the follow up to 'I Had A Talk', entitled 'No Faith, No Love' b/w 'Together' in 1965.

Mitty also recorded (for Chess) 'Come Back Baby' b/w 'Aint That Love,' 'For My Man' b/w 'Help Me,' the aforementioned 'Sharing You' b/w 'Walk Away,' 'Watching and Waiting' b/w 'Like Only Yesterday,' 'That'll Be Good Enough' b/w 'Git Out,' and 'You're the Only One' b/w 'Do It With Confidence.'

By 1968, Mitty had left the Chess imprint after releasing 'Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometimes', a song recorded at Muscle Shoals.

She then recorded five singles for William Bell's Peachtree label, in 1969, releasing 'You Hurt So Good' b/w 'I Can't Lose' in 1968 and 'True Love Never Comes Easy' b/w 'Fly Me To The Moon' in 1969.

Mitty released a 45, in 1972, for the Entrance imprint ('Is This Our Last Time' b/w 'I'd Like To Change Places With His Part Time Lover'), before leaving secular music and moving towards a more gospel music based environment.

The WarningHold The Light

the warning - 1972 / hold the light - 1977

'The Warning', her first of several albums in this field, in 1972, featured 'I Had A Talk With God Last Night'.

I Am Love

i am love - 1987

In the '90s, she was a minister at a church in Chicago.

Mitty did have some problems with her voice some years ago, but she says that all is well now.

Mitty Collier

She is now the pastor of the More Like Christ Christian Fellowship Ministries located at 8201 South Dobson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60619.

Commencing on the 4th of November, 2003, the assembly started with 8 members and has now grown to 115 in a little over a year.

The More Like Christ Website is currently under construction.

Mitty CollierMitty CollierMitty Collier

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Shades Of A Genius (Chess Records 1965)

The Warning (111 A.M. Records 1972)

Hold The Light (Gospel Roots Records 1977)

I Am Love (Now Sound Records 1987)

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