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little johnny taylor

Little Johnny Taylor

b. (a.k.a. Johnny B. Taylor) Johnny Lamont Merrett, 11th February 1943, Gregory, Arkansas, U.S.A.

d. 17th May 2002, Conway Regional Medical Center, Conway, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Little Johnny Taylor is an R&B singer, sometimes confused with the Stax artist, Johnnie Taylor.

Born Johnny Lamont Merrett in Gregory, Arkansas, Johnny began his singing career as a gospel vocalist.

He relocated from Arkansas to Los Angeles in 1950, singing with the gospel group the Mighty Clouds of Joy around 1960 until 1963.

Following a move into secular music, pursuing a solo career, he signed for the Swingin' record label.

Little Johnny TaylorLittle Johnny Taylor

I tried to understand b/w looking at the future - 1960 / part time love b/w somewhere down the line - 1963

His first single was called ‘I Tried To Understand’ b/w ‘Looking At The Future’ in 1960.

Following this release, he switched labels to the Galaxy imprint (a subsidiary of Fantasy Records).

Little Johnny TaylorLittle Johnny Taylor

little johnny taylor - 1962 / everybody knows about my good thing - 1972

At Galaxy, his debut single was ‘You'll Need Another Favor’ b/w ‘What You Need Is A Ball’ in 1963.

He followed up the record with ‘Part Time Love’ b/w ‘Somewhere Down The Line’, a song penned by Clay Hammond.

The single reached number 1 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart, and number 19 on the pop chart, also in 1963.

Little Johnny Taylor

Johnny released several further 45’s on Galaxy, which occuppied the singer up until 1968, at the imprint.

In 1970, he switched labels to the Ronn Records imprint (a subsidiary of Jewel Records in Louisiana).

Little Johnny TaylorLittle Johnny TaylorLittle Johnny TaylorLittle Johnny Taylor

open house at my house - 1973 / l.j.t. - 1978 / stuck in the mud - 1988 / ugly man - 1989

At Ronn Records, Johnny achieved his second R&B Top 10 hit with ‘Everybody Know About My Good Thing Part 1’ b/w ‘Everybody Know About My Good Thing Part 2’.

1972 saw the release of ‘Open House At My House Part 1’ b/w ‘Open House At My House Part 2’.

Whilst at Ronn Records, Johnny also recorded some duets, and an album, in 1973 and 1974, with the singer Ted Taylor (who was no relation to the singer).

Johnny continued to record throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

He continued to perform up until his death in 2002.

Little Johnny Taylor died on Friday 17th May 2002 at Conway Regional Medical Center, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Little Johnny Taylor

Real Player


As Little Johnny Taylor:

Part Time Love (Ronn Records 1962)

Little Johnny Taylor (Galaxy Records 1963)

Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Ronn Records 1970)

Open House At My House (Ronn Records 1973)

As Little Johnny Taylor with Ted Taylor:

The Super Taylors (Paula Records 1974)

As Little Johnny Taylor:

L.J.T. (Ronn Records 1979)

As Long As I Don't See You (Charly Records 1980)

I Should Have Been A Preacher (Red Lightnin' Records 1981)

Stuck In The Mud (Ichiban Records 1988)

Ugly Man (Ichiban Records 1989)

You're Looking Good (Nasha Records 1997)

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