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charlie and inez foxx

Charlie and Inez Foxx

This Greensboro, North Carolina, duo comprised of:

Inez Foxx (b. 9th September 1942, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A. d. 25th August 2022, West Compton, California, U.S.A.)


Charlie Foxx (b. 24th October 1934, Alamance, Alamance County, North Carolina, U.S.A., d. 18th September 1998, Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.)

Charlie and Inez Foxx were brother and sister.

Their most successful record was 'Mockingbird' released in 1963.

Inez Foxx married Luther Dixon in the mid-1960s but the couple later divorced.

Charlie Foxx died from leukemia in 1998, at the age of 58.

Inez Foxx died in September 2022.

From the Boogie Report people (many thanks to them):

Inez Foxx

We’ve just learned of the death of singer Inez Foxx, one-half of the brother-sister duo Inez & Charlie Foxx, in West Compton, California. She was 79.

Inez & Charlie Foxx were best known for the top 10 hits “Mockingbird” in 1963 but had a string of additional moderate hits running to the mid-70s.

Both children were born in Greensboro to John and Peggy Fox. They changed their professional names to Foxx with a double 'x'. The duo began performing as a Gospel act, but had a break when they auditioned for Sue Records head Henry Murray, performing their arrangement of the children's song “Hush Little Baby.” That song became their first release, and it was a monster; retitled “Mockingbird,” it became an across-the-board smash that has been covered countless times by other artists over the year.

The duo had some difficulty following up their auspicious debut, but landed in the top 40 with “(1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count The Days” and “You Are The Man” in 1967. Over the next decade, they continued to work, both together and separately, as well as writing for other artists. Charlie Foxx died in 1998 of leukemia.

For those wishing to pay their respects to Inez Foxx, her funeral will be in Greensboro, NC on September 17th at 11:00 at:

Reid Memorial CME Church
1010 Bennett Street
Greensboro. NC 27406

Cards, letters, telegrams, etc should be addressed to Inez's surviving sister, Mrs. Jean Wade, 2112 N. Pannes Ave, East Compton, Ca. 90221
Flowers can be sent to Regional Memorial Cremations and Funeral Services, 1026 E. Lindsay Street, Greensboro, NC 27405

Charlie and Inez FoxxCharlie and Inez FoxxCharlie and Inez FoxxCharlie and Inez Foxx

mockingbird - 1963 / inez and charlie foxx - 1964 / come by here - 1967 / swinging mockin' band - 1968

Charlie & Inez Foxx

Real Player


as Charlie and Inez Foxx:

Mockingbird (Sue Records 1963)

Inez And Charlie Foxx (Sue Records 1964)

Come By Here (Musicor/Dynamo Records 1967)

Swinging Mockin' Band (Musicor/Dynamo Records 1968)

solo: Inez Foxx:

Inez Foxx In Memphis (Volt Records 1972)

as Charlie and Inez Foxx:

At Memphis And More (Ace Records 1990)

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