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lonnie hill

Lonnie Hill

b. Lonnie E. Hill, 10th October, Tyler, Texas, U.S.A.

Lonnie was a member of his family's spiritual group The Gospel Keynotes by the age of 17.

His father was a pentecostal minister.

Their successful recordings included 'Keep On Walking, Don't Look Back' and 'We Need Prayer'.

The group released one album on Nashboro Records entitled 'Just One More Time'.

Lonnie left the Gospel Keynotes after 5 years with the band.

He was disillusioned with the band and their lack of recognition regarding his songwriting.

Sitting On The MountainsideJust Be Yourself

sitting on the mountain side b/w just be yourself - 1976

In 1976, Lonnie was part of the group Topazz, who released the 45 'Sitting On The Mountainside' b/w 'Just Be Yourself' for the Comet Records imprint.

His interest in secular R & B then took him to Denver, Colorado, where he recorded 'You Got Me Running' for the Urban Sound label.

It was released in the U.K. in 1986 by Virgin / 10 Records, and included the much acclaimed single 'Galveston Bay' (U.K. Top 75).

The album also featured Philip Bailey on backing vocals.

Cold Winter In The GhettoJeans On

cold winter in the ghetto / jeans on - 2001

In the late eighties an odd festive 45 by Lonnie Hill was handed out at Thanksgiving outside churches in his local town in a hope to raise awareness to the plight of the poor.

The track was called 'Cold Winter In The Ghetto' and has become highly sought after.

Lonnie Hill Has worked with Chuck Pyle on 'Drifter's Wind' (in 1991).

Lonnie, also released a single entitled 'Jeans On' in 1992 on his own Hills Hideaway Music label.

A new album, 'No Games', and single, 'Step On Out', are due in 2001 on Hills Hideaway Music.

Lonnie's 2001 band line-up includes Lonnie Hill Jnr, Lucky, Nelson Stroud (whose resume includes work with Rick James).

Back On The Scene

back on the scene - 2006

'Back On The Scene' was released in 2007, and featured an updated version of 'Galveston Bay'.

The band are, currently, looking to tour Europe.

Lonnie's musical influences include the late Johnnie Taylor and Z.Z.Hill, Leroy Hutson. can check out Lonnie's website right here...

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You Got Me Running (Urban Sound Records 1985)

No Games (Hills Hideaway Music Records 2001)

Back On The Scene (Hills Hideaway Music Records 2006)

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