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leroy hutson

Leroy Hutson

b. Leroy Hutson, 4th June 1945, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.

LeRoy Hutson is an African American instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer and multi-talented performer

He never achieved a level of success that his talent deserved.

Leroy first formed a vocal group in his native New Jersey, but emerged as a soul music talent while attending Howard University in 1970, studying dentistry.

There with his room-mate Donny Hathaway, he collaborated on 'The Ghetto', a hit for Donny in early 1970.

The Mayfield Singers

the mayfield singers - don't start none - 1967 - 45

Born in Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A., LeRoy and Donny also sang in the Mayfield Singers, who released one single for Curtis Mayfield in 1967 called 'Don't Start None' on the Mayfield imprint.

As a teenager, LeRoy was a member of The Nu-Tones, a vocal group based in New Jersey.

The Nu-Tones comprised of Ronald King, Bernard Ransom, Ed Davis, Irving Jenkins and LeRoy Hutson.

In Love ForeverDreams

in love forever - 1968 / dreams - 1968

Later he teamed up with Deborah Rollins to form Sugar And Spice, recording several singles including 'In Love Forever', 'Ah Ha Yeah' and 'Dreams' in 1968.

The Impressions

leroy with the impressions


the impressions - times have changed - 1972

In 1971, LeRoy replaced Curtis in the Impressions and recorded two albums with the group.

Leroy Hutson

LeRoy began his solo career on Curtom in 1973 and through 1992 established himself with a successful recording career, recording eight albums and charting with some 13 singles in the U.S.A.

His albums were:

Love Oh LoveThe Man

love oh love -1973 / the man - 1975

Hutson IHutson II

hutson 1 - 1975 / hutson 2 - 1976

Feel The SpiritCloser To The Source

feel the spirit - 1976 / closer to the source - 1978


unforgettable - 1979 / paradise - 1982

Shades Of LoveSoothe You Groove You

shades of love e.p. - 1992 - soothe you, groove you - 2009

On most of his work, he wrote, produced, arranged and played multiple instruments.

Leroy Hutson

His most successful charting singles were 'All Because Of You' (in 1975), 'Feel The Spirit' (in 1976), 'I Do, I Do' (in 1976), 'Where Did Love Go' (in 1978), and 'Right Or Wrong' (in 1979).

When Curtom went out of business in 1980, LeRoy's career was essentially on hold and he soon disappeared from the music world, re-appearing briefly for 'Paradise' (containg 'Nice & Easy') in 1982.

He later worked for the U.K. based Expansion Label releasing the 'Shades Of Love' EP (including 'Share Your Love') in 1992.

In 2009, LeRoy released the album 'Soothe You, Groove You', which retails from his own website, and was released on his own Triumph imprint.


anthology 1972-84 - 2017

In 2017, a double album entitled 'Leroy Hutson Anthology 1972-84' was released, which featured two unreleased tracks, 'Positive Forces' and 'Now That I Found You'.

LeRoy is the father of producer JR Hutson.

Arnold Blair

arnold blair

As a writer and producer, LeRoy has worked with Roberta Flack ('Tryin' Times', 'Gone Away'), The Natural Four ('You Bring Out The Best In Me', 'Can This Be Real'), Linda Clifford, Voices of East Harlem ('Cashing In' & 'Giving Love'), Arnold Blair ('Trying To Get Next To You', 'I Won The Big Deal This Time' and 'Finally Made It Home'), and Next Movement ('Let's Work It Out').

Leroy Hutson & Curtis leroy and curtis 1975

Real Player


Love O Love (Curtom Records 1973)

Leroy Hutson, The Man (Curtom Records 1975)

Le Roy Hutson (Curtom Records 1975)

Feel The Spirit (Curtom Records 1976)

Hutson II (Curtom Records 1976)

Closer To The Source (Curtom Records 1978)

Unforgettable (RSO/Curtom Records 1979)

Paradise (Elektra Records 1982)

Shades Of Love EP (Expansion Records 1992)

Soothe You, Groove You (Triumph Records 2009)

Anthology 1972-84 (Acid Jazz Records 2017)

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