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jeannie reynolds

Jeannie Reynolds

b. Shirley Jean Reynolds, Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.

Jeannie Reynolds, best known for 'The Fruit Song' was the sister of L.J. Reynolds of The Dramatics.

Though 'The Fruit Song' is her signature song, her highest charting single was the snappy 'The Phone's Been Jumping All Day' on Casablanca Records, which went to Number 10 R & B on Billboard's R & B chart in summer 1975.

Reynolds was actually cutting singles back in 1969 with 'Down On Me / Don't Set Me Free'. Following this release 1971 saw 'I Don't Mess Around / People Make The World' and then in 1974 came 'I Know He'll Be Back Someday / You Ain't The Only Man'.

Her only other R & B charting single was its follow up,'Lay Some Lovin' On Me,' Number 46 R & B, fall 1975.

With its 'fruitful' cover, the singer's LP, 'Cherries, Bananas And Other Fine Things' on Casablanca was issued in June 1976 and charted Number 59 R & B that fall.

One single from the LP, 'The Fruit Song', written by Lawrence Payton of The Four Tops and Fred Bridges, became a huge disco hit,a post-release collectible and a steppers standard.

Another Casablanca LP, 'One Wish' was produced by Don Davis (Johnnie Taylor, The Dramatics, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis,Jr.).

One release followed in 1978 entitled 'I'm Hooked On You'.

'The Fruit Song' can be found on Classic Mellow, Vol. 1 on BMG / Mastercuts.

Tragically, Jeannie Reynolds took her two children's lives before committing suicide in 1980.

The sad event was, apparently, drug related.

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Cherries, Banana's & Other Fine Things (Casablanca Records 1976)

One Wish (Casablanca Records 1977)

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