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marilyn mccoo

Marilyn McCoo

b. Marilyn McCoo, 30th September 1943, Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Marilyn McCoo is an American singer, actress, and television presenter.

Marilyn was the lead female vocalist in the group The Fifth Dimension.

She is married to singer Billy Davis, Jr., the founder and co-member of The Fifth Dimension.

Marilyn McCooMarilyn McCooMarilyn McCooMarilyn McCoo

i hope we get to love in time - 1976 / the two of us - 1977 / marilyn and billy - 1978 / solid gold - 1983

Marilyn McCooMarilyn McCoo

the me nobody knows - 1991 / white christmas - 1996

Marilyn McCoo and billy davis jnr.

Real Player



Solid Gold ( RCA Victor Records 1981)

The Me Nobody Knows (RCA Victor Records 1991)

White Christmas (Laser Light Digital Records 1996)

with Billy Davis Jnr.:

I Hope We Get To Love In Time (ABC Records 1976)

The Two Of Us (ABC Records 1977)

Marilyn & Billy (Columbia Records 1978)

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