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Enchantment, at various times, comprised of:

Emanuel 'EJ' Johnson

David Banks

Joe 'Jobie' Thomas

Ed 'Mickey' Clanton

Carl Cotton (d. 14th September 2003, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.)


Bobby Green.

Enchantment were a five-piece vocal group formed at Pershing High School in Detroit, Michigan, in 1966.

In 1969 the group realised their first recording contract, in addition to 500 dollars, by winning first place in a talent contest sponsored by a local radio station (WCHB).

The group didn't expect to win the competition and were reportedly nervous during the announcements of third and second prize.

Enchantment were awarded first prize.

Garnering respect as a perorming group, Enchantment began to perform at various gigs around the Detroit area.


In 1970, Enchantment worked with Artists International, a talent development agency for up and coming artists (founded by renowned manager Dick Scott, former Motown Records executive who managed artists ranging from Diana Ross and the Supremes to Boyz II Men).

While with Artists International, Enchantment began to develop their stage presence and took small shows whilst at the agency.

Enchantment became acquainted with their producer-to-be, Michael Stokes, in 1973 while performing at a local nightclub (Stage One).

Through this union, they recorded a movie score on Polydor Records in 1974 entitled 'Deliver Us From Evil', which was released in 1975.


enchantment - 1976 / one upon a dream - 1977 / journey to the land of enchantment - 1979 / soft lights, sweet music - 1980

By 1976 Enchantment had signed with the United Artists-distributed Roadshow Records and recorded their self-entitled debut album.

The first single, 'Come On and Ride', became a minor chart hit.

Written and arranged by lead singer E.J. Johnson, their second single, 'Gloria,' became a major R & B hit and set the stage for future success.

The group had another hit with their third single, 'Sunshine,' taken from the same album.

During the autumn of 1977, Enchantment recorded their second album entitled 'Once Upon A Dream'.

The group acheived their third consecutive number one single, 'It's You That I Need,' a song that became R & B number one for four weeks.

It was followed by 'If You're Ready (Here It Comes),' also a top ten single.

Other hits such as 'Trying To Get Over (With You)', and 'Silly Love Song' were also featured on the album.

'Once Upon A Dream' was certified gold (500, 000 copies sold).


enchanted lady - 1982 / utopia - 1983

Further albums included 'Enchantment' (1978), 'Journey To The Land Of Enchantment' (produced by Michael Stokes, 1979) and 'Soft Lights, Sweet Music' (produced by Don Dam, 1980) and 'Utopia (again produced by Michael Stokes, 1983).Further hit's followed such as 'Where Do We Go From Here,' 'Forever More,' 'Moment of Weakness' and 'Enchanted Lady'.

They also released a single 'Feel Like Dancing' on Prelude Records in 1984.

In 2003, Carl Cotton was shot and killed after an altercation with a man outside a party store in Detroit.

He later arrested and identified as Carl's barber.

Enchantment's songs have either been recorded by other artists, or they have written songs for other artists.

These include The Dells, BT Express, Shirley Caesar and Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers.


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Enchantment (United Artists Records 1976)

Once Upon A Dream (Roadshow Records 1977)

Journey To The Land Of... Enchantment (Roadshow Records 1978)

Soft Lights, Sweet Music (Roadshow Records 1980)

Enchanted Lady (Columbia Records 1982)

Utopia (Columbia Records 1983)

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