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diana ross

Diana Ross

b. Diana Ernestine Earle Ross, 26th March 1944, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

For Diana's years with the Supremes, click below:

The Supremes

Diana Ross

Diana RossDiana Ross

everything is everything - 1970 / diana ross - 1970

Diana RossDiana Ross

surrender - 1971 / diana & marvin - 1973

Diana RossDiana Ross

last time i saw him - 1973 / touch me in the morning - 1973

Diana RossDiana Ross

diana ross - 1976 / baby it's me - 1977

Diana RossDiana Ross

diana ross - 1979 / diana - 1980

Diana Ross

Real Player



Diana Ross (Motown Records 1970)

Everything Is Everything (Motown Records 1970)

Diana! (Motown Records 1971)

Surrender (Motown Records 1971)

Lady Sings The Blues (Motown Records 1972)

Touch Me In The Morning (Motown Records 1973)

with Marvin Gaye:

Diana And Marvin (Motown Records 1973)


Last Time I Saw Him (Motown Records 1973)

Diana Ross Live At Caesar's Palace (Motown Records 1974)

Mahogany (Motown Records 1975)

Diana Ross (Motown Records 1976)

An Evening With Diana Ross (Motown Records 1977)

Baby It's Me (Motown Records 1977)

Ross (Motown Records 1978)

The Boss (Motown Records 1979)

Diana (Motown Records 1980)

To Love Again (Motown Records 1981)

Why Do Fools Fall In Love (RCA Records 1981)

Silk Electric (RCA Records 1982)

Ross (RCA Records 1983)

Swept Away (RCA Records 1984)

Eaten Alive (RCA Records 1985)

Red Hot Rhythm N' Blues (RCA Records 1987)

Working Overtime (Motown Records 1989)

Greatest Hits Live (Motown 1989)

Force Behind The Power (Motown 1991)

Live, Stolen Moments (Sony Records 1993)

with Placido Domingo, José Carreras:

Records Christmas In Vienna (Sony Records 1993)


Take Me Higher (Motown Records 1995)

Very Special Christmas (EMI Records 1998)

Every Day Is a New Day (Motown Records 1999)

Voice of Love (EMI Records 2000)

Stop! In the Name of Love (Polygram International Records 2000)

Take Me Higher (EMI Records 2000)

Gift of Love (EMI Records 2000)

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