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dee dee warwick

Dee Dee Warwick

b. Delia Mae Warrick, 25th September 1945, Newark Heights, New Jersey, U.S.A.

d. 18th October 2008, South Orange, Essex County, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Born Delia Mae Warrick in Newark, New Jersey, her older sister, Dionne Warwick recorded a catalogue of Soul classics, however, not to be outshone, Dee Dee created a body of work that his highly regarded amongst Soul purists.

At that time, Dee Dee changed her surname from Warrick to Warwick in the early 1960's.

Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee Warwick

In her early years, Dee Dee sang with the The New Hope Baptist Church Choir (members: Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick, Dee Dee Warwick, Warren Davis, George Malone, John Ryanes, Frank Smith, Charles Patrick and Warren Ryans amongst others).

As a young teenager, Dee Dee and her older sister Dionne formed their own group called the Gospelaires, who performed with the Drinkard Sisters (members Lee Drinkard, Emily Drinkard (a.k.a. Cissy Houston) and Judy Clay) at times.

In 1959, the Warwick sisters performed at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem which led to the women being asked to sing background vocals in a studio session for Sam Taylor.

During these sessions at Savoy Records, the sister recorded the song 'Won’t You Deliver Me' which turned out to be the Warwick sisters’ recording debut.

Aretha & Dee Dee

in 1964, left to right: aretha franklin, cissy houston, dee dee warwick, judy clay and estelle brown

Dee Dee sang background vocals for Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and others before starting her solo career in 1963.

Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee Warwick

you're no good b/w don't call me - 1963 / don't think my baby's coming back b/w standing by - 1964

Her first record on the Jubilee label, 'You're No Good' b/w 'Don't Call Me', was later recorded in Chicago by Betty Everett for the VeeJay imprint.

A label move to Tiger Records in 1964, saw the release of a follow up single, 'Don't Think My Baby's Coming Back' b/w Standing By'.

Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee WarwickDee Dee WarwickDee Dee Warwick

we're doing fine - 1965 ep / i want to be with you - 1967 / foolish fool - 1969 / turning around - 1970

In 1965, Dee Dee signed with Mercury's Blue Rock subsidiary and, under the wing of producer Ed Townsend, recorded a series of excellent recordings, notably 'We're Doing Fine' b/w 'I Want To Be With You' (number 28 R & B).

Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee Warwick

i'm gonna make you love me b/w yours until tomorrow - 1966 / she didn't know (she kept on talkin') b/w make love to me - 1970

She then relocated to Mercury in 1966, where she reached the charts with 'I Want To Be With You' b/w 'Lover's Chant' (number 9 R & B, number 41 pop), which was taken from the Broadway musical 'Golden Boy', and 'l'm Gonna Make You Love Me' (number 13 R & B, number 88 pop), which was remade the following year in the pop market by Madeline Bell and much later by a collaboration of the Supremes and the Temptations.

Dee Dee WarwickDee Dee Warwick

dee dee / call me - 1984

Dee Dee then switched labels to Atco in 1970 and became produced in Miami by Dave Crawford, achieving chart success with 'She Didn't Know (She Kept On Talking)' b/w 'Make Love To Me' (number 9 R & B, number 70 pop) and a remake of 'Suspicious Minds' b/w 'I'm Glad I'm A Woman' (number 24 R & B, number 80 pop).

Dee dee WarwickDee Dee Warwick

get out of my life b/w funny how we change places - 1975 / this may be the last time (mono) b/w this may be the last time (stereo)

'Get Out Of My Life' b/w 'Funny How We Change Places' was her last chart record in 1975, released on the Private Stock imprint.

In 1976, Dee Dee released 'This Time May Be The Last Time' (mono) b/w 'This Time May Be The Last Time' (stereo) for the RCA label, under the name of DeDe Schwarz.

In the Eighties, she released sides on the Pro Indie, Sultra and Collectables imprints.

In 2006, Dee Dee returned to singing backgrounds for her sister, Dionne, in concert and also was part of the 'Family First' song in the Tyler Perry movie and soundtrack for 'Daddy's Little Girls'.

In January 2008, Dee Dee is featured in the title song from Dionne's gospel album 'Why We Sing' and continued background vocal chores with her sister.

In February 2008, Dee Dee toured with Dionne's one woman show 'My Music and Me' in Europe.

Dee Dee Warwick died on Saturday 18th October 2008, at a nursing home in Essex County, and had been in failing health in recent months. Dionne was with her when she died.

Dee Dee was the niece of gospel singer Cissy Houston and a cousin of Whitney Houston.

Dee Dee Warwick

Dee Dee Warwick was an R&B Foundation Pioneer Awardee, and was also was a two-time Grammy Award nominee.

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I Want To Be With You (Mercury Records 1967)

Foolish Fool (Mercury Records 1969)

Turning Around (Atco Records 1970)

Dee Dee (Heritage Sound Recording Distributions Records 1983)

Call Me (Sutra Records 1984)

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