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betty everett

Betty Everett

b. Betty Jean Everette, 23rd November 1939, Greenwood, Mississippi, U.S.A.

d. 19th August 2001, Beloit, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Betty Everett was a Soul singer, probably, best remembered for her hit single 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)'.

Betty was an accomplished pianist, commencing her musical education at the age of 9.

She also attended church, relocating to Chicago in 1957, in order to pursue a career in secular music.

The Daylighters the daylighters

Betty recorded for several local labels, including Cobra (in 1957 - 'My Love' and 'Ain't Gonna Cry'), C.J. (in 1960-61 - 'Why Did You Have To Go' and 'Happy'), Renee (in 1962) and One-Der-Ful! (in 1963), and briefly sang lead with the all-male group the Daylighters (whose line-up included Betty, George Wood, Dorsey Wood, Tony Gideon, Eddie Thomas and Charles 'Sparrow' Boyd and were called Betty Everett and the Daylighters).

Betty also was part of two other groups, namely Betty Everett and the Willie Dixon Band (in 1960), and Betty Everett & Earl Hooker and the Ike Perkins All Stars (in 1961).

Betty Everett Ketty LesterYou're No Good

betty everett and ketty lester - 1962 / you're no good - 1963

Some additional sides were produced by Ike Turner and Curtis Mayfield, however, her break come in 1963, when she was introduced to Calvin Carter (an A&R Musical Director), who was a staff member at Vee-Jay Records.

Betty recorded a debut single, entitled 'By My Side' in 1963, which was not too successful, however, the follow-up release 'You're No Good' b/w 'Chained To Your Love' saw greater success, nearly reaching the U.S. Top 50.

'You're No Good' was written by Clint Ballard, Jr. and later became a number 1 hit for Linda Ronstadt and a hit for Dee Dee Warwick and Barbara West, respectively.

Her third single, 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)' b/w 'Hands Off', was to become Betty's biggest solo hit, reaching number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on the Cashbox R&B chart in 1964.

The song was also recorded by Ramona King the same year and UK songstress Linda Lewis at a later date.

Betty Everett and Jerry ButlerThe Very Best Of

delicious together - 1964 / the very best of - 1965

Follow up sides included 'I Can't Hear You' (on Vee-Jay in 1964), 'Getting Mighty Crowded' (also on Vee-Jay in 1964), along with several duets with Jerry Butler, including 'Let It Be Me' b/w 'Ain't That Loving You Baby' in 1964.

Jerry Butler & Betty Everett

jerry butler and betty everett

'Let It Be Me' reached the U.S. Top 5 and became a Cashbox R&B number 1.

Betty also recorded sides for the Dottie label at this time, including 'Tell Me Darling' b/w 'I'll Weep No More' in 1964.

 I Need You SoThere'll Come A Time

i need you so - 1968 / there'll come a time - 1969

When Vee-Jay folded in 1966, she recorded for several other labels, including ABC (1967), Uni (1968-70), Fantasy (1970-75), Sound Stage 7 (1976-77), United Artists (1977) and 20th Century Fox (1980).

Her final Vee-Jay recording was 'The Shoe Won't Fit' b/w 'Trouble Over The Weekend' in 1966.

Getting Mighty CrowdedTake Me

getting mighty crowded - 1964 / take me - 1968

Betty left ABC after a year, and releasing 4 singles ('In Your Arms', 'Bye Bye Baby', 'Love Comes Tumbling Down' and 'I Can't Say'), relocating to the Uni imprint, where she recorded 'There'll Come A Time' b/w 'Take Me' in 1968, a song co-written by the lead singer of The Chi-Lites, Eugene Record.

'There'll Come A Time' reached number 2 in the Billboard R&B listing (number 26 on the Hot 100) and topped the Cashbox chart, additionally.

Starring Betty EverettLove Rhymes

starring betty everett - 1970 / love rhymes - 1974

Betty continued to reach the R&B charts, with songs including 'It's Been A Long Time' b/w 'Just A Man's Way' in 1969, and 'I Got To Tell Somebody' b/w 'Why Are You Leaving Me?' in 1970, which re-united her with Calvin Carter.

Happy EndingsTrue Love 45

happy endings - 1975 / true love (you took my heart) - 1978

Her last chart entry came in 1978 with 'True Love (You Took My Heart)' b/w 'You Can Do It' for the United Artists imprint.

Betty's final recording 'Hungry For You' b/w 'Think It Over Baby', which was released in 1980 on 20th Century Fox Records, and was another collaboration with Calvin Carter.

Her awards include the BMI Pop Award (both for 1964 and 1991) and the BMI R&B Award (for 1964).

In 1990, 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)' saw a resurgence of interest following the songs inclusion in the Cher movie vehicle 'Mermaids'.

Following the songs success, indie label deal, Trumpet Records, released the song 'Don't Cry Now', which was written by Larry Weiss.

Betty then made a twenty minute appearance on the then, hit TV show 'Current Affair'.

In 1991 Betty made an appearance at the Chicago Blues Festival which aired live worldwide on over 400 PBS radio channels, a performance which became her last live appearance on radio.

Two further television shows were readied in Atlantic City and Los Angeles, however, Betty declined to perform citing stage fright as the reason.

Betty Everett and Jerry Butler

betty everett and jerry butler

In 2000, she made her last public appearance on the PBS special 'Doo Wop 51', partnered again with Jerry Butler.

In her later life, Betty resided with her sister, up until her passing in Beloit, Wisconsin at the age of 61.

She had been treated for heart problems and the cause of death was believed to be a heart attack.

Betty EverettBetty Everett

Real Player


with Ketty Lester

Betty Everett & Ketty Lester (Vee-Jay Records 1962)


You're No Good (Vee-Jay Records 1964)

It's In His Kiss (Vee-Jay Records 1964)

with Jerry Butler

Delicious Together (Vee-Jay Records 1964)


The Very Best Of (Vee-Jay Records 1965)

I Need You So (United Artists Records 1968)

There'll Come A Time (Uni Records 1969)

Betty Everett Starring (Uni Records 1970)

Love Rhymes (Fantasy Records 1974)

Happy Endings (Fantasy Records 1975)

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