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madeline bell

Madeline Bell

b. Madeline Bell Brodus, 23rd July 1942, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Born in Newark in 1942, Madeline was raised by her grandmother after her parents divorced.

She was 16 when she joined her first gospel group (having sung on the gospel circuit since 1956), The Glovertones, and performed in various churches in New Jersey and New York.

Madeline arrived in the U.K. in 1962.

This was with the cast of 'Black Nativity', a gospel show, with the vocal group The Bradford Singers.

Bell's A PoppinDoin' ThingsI'm Gonna Make You Love Me

bell's a poppin' - 1967 / doin' things - 1967 / i'm gonna make you love me - 1968 / madeline bell - 1971

Madeline released a few 45's before her debut solo release in 1967, 'Bell's A Poppin'.

Her 45's included, 'I Really Got Carried Away' and 'Doin' Things Together With You'.

She also sang sessions with the likes of Doris Troy, Dusty Springfield, Kenny Lynch, Joe Brown, Lesley Duncan and Rosetta Hightower.

Blue Mink

blue mink


Joining the group Blue Mink, Roger Cook's group, Madeline stayed for four years, recording 'Melting Pot' (number 3 U.K.), and 'Our World' (number 64 in the U.S. in 1970), all of which further enhanced her reputation.

The album 'Madeline Bell' was released on Philips Records in 1971, and featured Madeline's version, of the David Gates song, 'Make It With You'.

Madeline BellComin' AtchaThis Is One GirlThemes

madeline bell - 1971 / comin' atcha - 1973 / this is one girl - 1976 / themes - 1976

The group also had success with the songs 'Randy', 'Banner Man' (number 3 U.K.), and 'Stay With Me' (number 11 U.K.).

Madeline sang in the Netherlands for a while after leaving Blue Mink.

Madeline was the voice behind the 1980's advertising campaignS for Brooke Bond Tea and British Gas in the U.K.

In 1991, she appeared in a U.K. stage production of 'The Cotton Club'.

In 2003 Madeline was given a Lifetime Achievement Award, by the Music Heritage Foundation for her contributions to the music industry.

Have You Met Miss Bell?MadeleineBeat Out That RhythmGirl Talk

have you met miss bell? - 1993 / madeline - 1993 / beat out that rhythm on a drum - 1996 / girl talk - 1999

Madeline still appears in U.K. clubs such as Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, since 1987, with her group Madeline Bell and her Musicians.

BlessedYes I CanSoulmatesBlue ChristmasTribute To Ray CharlesThis Is Love

blessed - 2000 / a melting pot - 2000 / soulmates - 2003 / blue christmas - 2004 / tribute to ray charles - 2005 / this is love - 2012

Madeline Bell

Madeline Bell

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Bell's A Poppin' (Philips Records 1967)

Doin' Things (Philips Records 1967)

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Philips Records 1968)

Madeline Bell (Philips Records 1971)

16 Star Tracks By Madeline Bell (Philips Records 1971)

Comin' Atcha' (RCA Victor Records 1974)

This Is One Girl (Pye Records 1976)

Themes (1976)

with John TeIfer:

Rubadub-Pop Goes The Nursery Rhymes (Rubberband Records 1984)


Madeline (Four Corners Records 1993)

as Madeline Bell & The Swingmates:

Have You Met Miss Bell? (Polydor Records 1993)


Girltalk (Willibrord Records 1994)

Christmas Card (Willibrord Records 1995)

Beat Out The Rhythm On A Drum (Koch International Records 1996)

Yes I Can (Baileo Music Productions 1998)

Melting Pot (Baileo Music Productions 2000)

Blessed (Challenge Records 2001)

Try A Little Tenderness (Baileo Music Productions 2002)

Soul Mates (Baileo Music Productions 2003)

Blue Christmas (Baileo Music Productions 2004)

Tribute To Ray Charles (Challenge Records 2005)

Heart Of Gold (Matthew Jones Music 2011)

This Is Love (Puerto Records 2012)

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