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nolen and crossley

Nolen And Crossley

From Los Angeles, Nolen And Crossley comprised of:

Curtis Anthony Nolen (guitar and vocals)


Raymond A. Crossley (keyboards and vocals)

Nolen & Crossley recorded with Louis Johnson's gospel group Passage (1981) before signing to Gordy (via Motown Records).

Nolen & CrossleyAmbience

nolen and crossley - 1981 / ambience - 1982

On Gordy they released a self titled album in 1981.

A year later they released the album 'Ambience' (1982), including 'Salsa Boogie', 'Nice To Have You Back' and 'A Place In My Heart'.

They, also wrote 'Can't Stop' for Debarge.

Individually, Curtis co-produced 'Captured' (1985) for Rockwell along with the hit single 'Somebody's Watching Me' (he was credited as producer, writer and instrumentalist) and five tracks on the Chico Debarge debut solo album 'Chico Debarge' (1986).

Curtis Nolen was the person who discovered Rockwell and was the A & R director at Motown Records.

Raymond then co-produced '3 For 3' by 3 For 3 on Kerry Gordy's Song label.

Curtis co-wrote the single 'Twice The Love' for George Benson and worked with Motown artist General Kane on his album 'In Full Chill', co-producing the track 'Crack Killed Applejack' with the artist (the track becoming Motown's first Rap top ten hit).

Nolen and Crossley worked with the group Debarge on their 'All This Love' album, co-producing the album alongside Iris Gordy and El Debarge.

Curtis worked on the soundtrack of the Motown movie vehicle 'The Last Dragon', producing threee of the tracks, 2 for the artist Rockwell and one other.

He also worked on production chores for the artist John James for his 'Big Fat Soul' project, which reached number 10 in the charts in Toronto.

In 2002, Curtis is working on a smooth jazz solo project.

Raymond Crossley's latest work appears on the 2003 Earth Wind and Fire album, 'The Promise', on which he wrote the title song with Maurice White and Ralph Johnson.

There has been a grammy nomination for the group from this album.

Other projects include:

Howard Hewett 'If Only' (2007), featuring ‘Is this True Love ‘, written by Raymond Crossley, Howard Hewett and Ralph Johnson, produced by Raymond Crossley and Ralph Johnson. Raymond also played keyboards.

Leigh Jones 'Music in My Soul' (2008), featuring on 2 songs 'Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love' and 'I’m Leaving', written by Raymond Crossley, produced by Raymond Crossley, with keyboards by Raymond Crossley.

Real Player


Nolen & Crossley (Gordy Records 1981)

Ambience (Gordy Records 1982)

Raymond Crossley has also contributed to these albums:

DeBarge:  All This Love (1982) Arranger, Keyboards, Producer, Vocal Arrangement 

DeBarge:  Ultimate Collection (1997) Producer 

DeBarge:  20th Century Masters - The... (2000) Producer 

E-Gee:  E-Gee (1996) Engineer 

Earth, Wind & Fire:  Promise (2003) Keyboards 

Earth, Wind & Fire:  Promise [Japan Bonus Tracks] (2003) Keyboards 

Marvin Gaye:  In Our Lifetime (1981) Keyboards 

Marvin Gaye:  Master 1961-1984 (1995) Keyboards 

Howard Hewett:  I Commit to Love (1986) Keyboards 

Barry Manilow:  Complete Collection and Then Some.... (1992) Keyboards 

Barry Manilow:  Another Life (1995)

The Temptations:  Reunion (1982) Vocal Arrangement 

3 for 3:  3 for 3 (1990) Vocals (bckgr), Assistant Producer 

Various Artists:  Lowrider Soundtrack, Vol. 4 (1992) Producer 

Various Artists:  Motown Year by Year: The Sound of... (1995) ProducerDeBarge  All This Love

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