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Camelle Hinds

b. Camelle Hinds, 15th November 1957, Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

Camelle Hinds has been involved in the music business, one way or another since the late Seventies.

This talented singer / songwriter first burst onto the music scene with the British soul band Central Line.

Of all the bands involved in the early 80's 'Brit Funk' revival, Central Line came closest to exporting the movement across the Atlantic.

Comprising Lipson Francis, Henri Defoe, Linton C. Beckles (lead vocals) and Camelle G. Hinds (bass), Central Line formed in London in April 1978.

The membership was drawn largely from the defunct East London group TFB, whose line-up also included future Light Of The World trumpeter Kenny Wellington and future Imagination drummer Errol Kennedy.

Central Line's first single was 'What We Got (It's Hot)', a lively exposition of their R & B-based dance material.

It led to tours with Roy Ayers, the Real Thing and the late Grover Washington Jnr.

However, the follow-up single flopped and caused the rethink that produced February 1981's '(You Know) You Can Do It', a UK Top 40 chart hit.

Central Line

central line

Re-energized, Central Line embarked on sessions with producer Roy Carter (ex-Heatwave) to produce 'Walking Into Sunshine', which fared well in both the US and UK dance charts.

It was followed by 'Don't Tell Me' (UK number 55) and 'You've Said Enough' (UK number 58).

Their biggest hit came in January 1983 when 'Nature Boy' peaked at number 21 in the UK charts.

However, by now the Brit Funk movement was in decline and the group achieved only one further chart hit, June 1983's 'Surprise Surprise', before disbanding.

On disbanding Camelle turned to singing and sonwriting chores.

In 1986, he formed his own group Hindsight, along with another ex Central Line member Henri Defoe, for Circa Records and released a series of singles including 'Small Change' (1986), 'Lowdown' (Top 75, 1987) and 'Heaven's Just A Breath Away' (1987).


days like these - 1988

An album followed entitled 'Days Like These' in 1987.

Camelle turned to solo recording after the break up of Hindsight and became a much sought after session singer / bassist.

He has worked alongside Acid Jazz founder, Chris Bangs and has played bass for Heaven 17 with Jimmy Ruffin.

Additionally, he has toured with Paul Weller.

Camelle HindsCamelle Hinds

soul degrees - 1996 / vibe alive - 1999

In 1996, Camelle recorded 'Soul Degrees', which was released on Victor Records in Japan.

The album contained the much sought after track, 'Sausolito Calling'.

In 1999, he was signed to Expansion Records for one CD, 'Vibes Alive'. Receiving extensive airplay, the set included some tracks from 'Soul Degrees' (including 'Sausolito Calling') as well as a fine version of 'Closer To The Source', the old Leroy Hutson tune.

Still recording and still in touch with his old colleagues from Light Of The Worlds, Camelle lives in North London.

He is, currently, a tutor at the London Centre of Contemporary Music.

Real Player


with Central Line:

Central Line (Mercury Records 1981)

Breaking Point (Mercury Records 1982)

Choice (Mercury Records 1983)

with Hindsight:

Days Like This (Circa Records 1987)


Soul Degrees (Victor Records 1996)

Vibes Alive (Expansion Records 1999)

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