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Chris Bangs

b. Christopher Paul Bangs, 13th April 1957, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom.

DJ , Artist and Producer Chris Bangs, rocking clubland with his summer hit 'Warm Weather' has played a major part in the Acid Jazz story.

An influential British DJ, he produced six of the label's initial 13 releases.

Born in Kingston Upon Thames in 1958, Chris lived in New Malden In Surrey during his school years and throughout the seventies frequented many of the soul clubs that influenced many of the deejays of today.

In the late Seventies and early Eighties, Chris moved into deejaying himself gradually becoming a highly soughtafter deejay.

On teaming up with Gilles Peterson (now Radio One Deejay and instigator of Talking Loud Records), Chris & Gilles were regular club deejays on the London soul and jazz circuit.

During the Acid House period of the late Eighties, Chris and Gilles formed a 'tongue in cheek' musical vehicle they described as 'Acid Jazz'.

From here Chris moved from the turntables, into the studio and began working with many famous musicians.

As a producer among his extensive list of credits, he has worked with such notables as Paul Weller, Galliano, and Style Councillor Mick Talbot.

As a DJ he's worked with all the best including, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Gilles Peterson, Ashley Beedle etc. from places as diverse as Fabric to Café del Mar Ibiza to London Zoo and as an artist he's had success both on his own and with a select band of collaborators as The Quiet Boys and Yada Yada among others.

As well as his current club and chart successes Chris has found time to start a new record label Dadhouse Records.

Together with Dave Jarvis of Faith / Native Soul, Chris has started the new label to showcase '130 years of music history on 2 sides of vinyl!'

Dadhouse's first release is by Original Soulboy, 'Touch The Sun' b/w 'Pure Summer' which has been played in clubs from London to Japan and had airplay on Radio 1.

A second single 'Sweet Girl Like Me' has just been released and he has an exclusive preview of the new single by Astral featuring Marcel, 'Spirit Of Your Love' up on their site to have a listen to as well.

Also in the pipeline from Chris, a new production for Spring 2001 on Junior. 'Praying By The Path' featuring Marcel, currently big with Pete Tong, Danny Rampling and Steve Lawler amongst others, this track has just had a storming new mix from Tom Middleton and looks set to do big things this year.

As you can see, Chris has been musically prolific throughout the last decade.

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as Yada Yada:

Closer To The Source (TKT 26 1995)

Fingalikkin Good (Mellow Yellow Recordings 2000)

as Mr. Electric Triangle:

Mr Electric Triangle - Kosmosis Of The Heart (TKT20 1995)

Mr Electric Triangle - Kosmosis In Dub ( Mixes ) (TKT38 1996)

2 Kool 12" Singles:

Mr Electric Triangle - (The Cuddly EP TKT12 1995)

Mr Electric Triangle - Is The 'Erb Dope? (TKT15 1995)

Mr Electric Triangle featuring Anthea Falling - Limited 10" blue triangular vinyl (TKT 34 1995)

The 13th Sign 12" Singles:

The 13th Sign - Take me to a Distant Bass (DST014 1995)

The 13th Sign - The Big Bloo ( green vinyl ) (DST018 1996)

The 13th Sign - Pressures Featuring Anthea (DST028 1997)

The 13th Sign - Da Story Never Ends (KOB1003 Thin Air Productions)

as Soundscape:

Smooth With A Groove (Thin Air Productions 1998)

Uptown Groove (Thin Air Productions 2000)

as Sambada:

Tropicale (Thin Air Productions 1997)

as The Quiet Boys:

Quiet Boys - Bosh (Jazid LP 121 - 1995)

Quiet Boys - Dazzle (TKT61 1997)

Dazzle Ultra Edition (Thin Air Productions 1998)

with Anthea:

Words And Beats (Thin Air Productions 1998)

as Dadhouse:

Touch The Sun / Pure Summer 12" (Original Soulboy 2000)

Sweet Girl Like Me (Original Soulboy 2000)

Spirit Of Your Love (Original Soulboy 2000)


Back 2 The Beat (Thin Air Productions 1998)

Out Of Thin Air (Thin Air Productions 1998)

Acid Jazz Exclusive Compilation Tracks (Break 4 Jazz - Break 4 Jazz Totally Wired 2 Jazid LP16)

Two Darn Hot - (Retroactive) (Totally Wired 6 Jazid LP36)

Be Someone - Be Someone /w Ceri Evans (Totally Wired 8 Jazid LP50)

as Chris Bangs:

Firebird (Acid Jazz 2023)

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