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angela winbush

Angela Winbush

b. Angela Winbush, 18th January 1955, St. Louis, Missourri, U.S.A.

Angela Winbush was born in St. Louis, Missouri, began singing in church, and learned to play piano as a child.

Initially, she studied architecture at the Howard University, only performing to supplement her income also forming a singing trio that opened for Van McCoy and Al Jarreau.

In 1977, Angela decided to further her musical education, and recorded a demo song.

After circulating the song around various recording companies, a chance meeting with Wayne K. Garfield (a music business man), the demo was heard by the disc jockey Gary Byrd ('the Crown' etc.), who was acquainted with Stevie Wonder.

The connection led to Angela joining Stevie's backing group, Wonderlove.

Whilst in Los Angeles with Stevie, Angela met singer René Moore, through Wonderlove vocalist Carolyn Dennis, and they began writing melodies together.

Rene and Angela

rene and angela

Some of their early work involved Lenny Williams (on his 'Changes' album), Alton McClain and Destiny (on 'I Have Learned to Respect the Power of Love', a song later covered by Stephanie Mills) and Lamont Dozier.

A friend introduced the duo to Dr. Cecil Hale, a Capitol Records executive, who signed the duo to the label.

The duo released their self-titled debut album 'René and Angela' in 1980 (featuring 'Free and Easy', 'Do You Really Love Me?' and 'I Don't Know Where Love Comes From').

This release was followed by 'Wall to Wall' in 1982 (featuring 'Secret Rendezvous' and 'Imaginary Playmate') and 'Rise' (featuring 'My First Love', later covered by Avant on his spring 2000 debut CD, 'My Thoughts'), a year later in 1983.

Signing with Mercury Records in 1984, René and Angela released the album, 'A Street Called Desire' a year later, an album which featured the songs 'Save Your Love (For Number 1)' and 'Your Smile'.

After a several successful album releases, the couple separated in 1986, and both went on to solo careers with varying degrees of success.

Angela was introduced to Ronald Isley, lead singer of the Isley Brothers, which led to the couple collaborating on the Isley's 'Smooth Sailin' album.


SharpThe Real Thing

sharp - 1987 / the real thing - 1989

Ronald began to manage Angela's career, helping her with her debut solo album, 'Sharp'.

The song 'Angel' became a hit, and was followed in 1989, with a second album release, 'It's the Real Thing'.

Angela Winbush

angela winbush - 1994

In 1994 , Angela changed labels to the Elektra imprint, releasing a self titled set.

Ronald and Angela married on the 26th June 1993, but were later to separate nearly a decade later.

In 2003, Angela was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, however, following successful surgery and six months chemotherapy, the cancer was thankfully in remission.

Real Player


Sharp (Mercury Records 1987)

It's The Real Thing (Mercury Records 1989)

Angela Winbush (Elektra Records 1994)

The Ultimate Collection (Hip-O Records 2001)

Greatest Love Songs (Hip-O Records 2003)

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