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alton mcclain & destiny

Alton, McClain & Destiny

Based in Los Angeles

Alton, McClain and Destiny comprised of:

Alton Juanita McClain (a.k.a. Alton McClain Scarborough)

D'Marie Warren (a.k.a Delores Marie Warren b. 30th May 1951 d. 22nd February 1985, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)


Robyrta L. Stiger (a.k.a. Roberta Lynn Stiger)

Alton, McClain & Destiny signed for Polydor Records during the late 70's and early '80's.

Appealing to the disco scene, she initially scored with 'It Must Be Love', the title track of her debut album (1978), following which she recorded a further two albums.

The 'It Must Be Love' album contained contributions from Webster Lewis, Wah Wah Watson and Lee Ritenour.

Alton, McClain & DestinyAlton, McClain & DestinyAlton, McClain & DestinySkip Scarborough

it must be love - 1978 / more of you - 1979 / gonna tell the world - 1981 / skip scarborough (alton mcclain's husband)

'More Of You' was released in 1979 and included 'Hang On In There Baby' - dubbing on the voice of Johnny Bristol to form a duet.

'Gonna Tell The World' was released in 1981 and contained the track 'My Destiny' along with the excellent 'Making Room For Love', a track not too dissimilar to Magic Lady's 'Hold Tight'.

The album boasted contributions from the likes of Patrice Rushen, Paul Jackson Jnr, Paulinho Da Costa and Herbie Hancock.

Much of her music was produced by Skip Scarbrough, whom she later married.

After the group disbanded Roberta L.Stiger went on to become part of the group Krystol, with D'Marie joining her as part of the groups songwriting team.

D'Marie Warren was tragically killed in a car accident on the 22nd February 1985. She was 33.

D'Marie Warren d'marie warren 1951 - 1985

Alton McClain

Alton McClain appeared in London in September 2016, at the O2, for a live show commemorating 30 years of the Expansion Records label.

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It Must Be Love (Polydor Records 1978)

More Of You (Polygram Records 1979)

Gonna Tell The World (Polygram Records 1981)

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