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The Younghearts were a vocal group from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

The group members, at various times, were:

Ronald Preyer

Charles Ingersoll

Bobby Solomon (b. 19th November 1944, U.S.A. d. 30th May 1975, U.S.A.)

Earl Carter

Frank Edward Hayes Snr ( b. 19th August 1942, Caruthersville, Missouri, U.S.A. d. Sunday 3rd September 2007, Stewartsville, Missouri, U.S.A.)


James Moore

The Younghearts line-up changed over the years, however the high standard of their musical output endured throughout the late Sixties and Seventies.

The Younghearts were, originally formed at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles in 1961, by Bobby Sanders and Charles Ingersoll.

Dorsey High School was attended at the same time by the Beach Boys, Marilyn McCoo and the late Ron Townson of the Fifth Dimension.

Bobby and Charles initially formed the group under the name of the Extreems, whose ranks included Maurice Clark, Robert Rozel alongside Charles and Bobby making up the foursome.

The groups first recording was for the Dorey imprint and was entitled 'The Bells'.

'The Bells' made the top ten on the R & B chart.

The group toured several times, but eventually the four members went their seperate ways.

Bobby and Charles then joined forces with a three girl group called the Blossoms.

This arrangement of artists performed background vocal chores for the likes of Phil Spector, Dobie Gray along with several other notable artists of that era.

At that time Charles Ingersoll recorded several sides under the alternative name of Von Clayton, most of which charted, with the song 'Band Stand' making the Top Ten.

Charles appeared on the show 'Dick Clark's Band Stand' at this time.

The Younghearts

Meanwhile, Bobby, who had just returned from service in the Military, put together a new group and called them The Younghearts in 1967.

This line-up included James Moore, Bobby Solomon, Charles Ingersoll and Ronald Preyer.


a little togetherness b/w beginning of the end - 1967 / i've got love for my baby b/w takin' care of business - 1968

The groups first record was a song entitled 'A Little Togetherness', which made the Top Ten on the R & B charts.

The YoungheartsThe YoungheartsThe YoungheartsThe Younghearts

sweet soul shakin - 1968 / the younghearts - 1973 / a taste of the younghearts - 1974 / all about love - 1977

A follow up album entitled 'Sweet Soul Shakin' was released in 1968 for the Minit label.

The 'Sweet Soul Shakin' album included the songs 'I've Got Love For My Baby', 'Girls,Girls,Girls', 'Sweet Soul Shakin', 'Oh, I'll Never Be The Same' and 'Misty' all of which made the number one slot or the top 5 on the R & B charts at various times between 1968 and 1970.

During that time The Younghearts toured with several famous Soul Artists of that time, including The Temptations, The Dells, The Delfonics, The Moments, The Whispers, The Miracles and The Supremes.

The group also performed with the late Barry White, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Sonny & Cher, Gladys Night and Sammy Davis Jr amongst others.

During that time Bobby Solomon was replaced by Earl Carter, who was later to be replaced by Marc P.

James Moore was then replaced by Brohann.

The Younghearts

The group then became reduced to three members who were Charles Ingersoll, Ronald Preyer and Bobby Solomon who rejoined the group in 1971.

Bobby Sanders, who was managing the group at the time, was replaced by Harvey Ganic.

Ganic unfortunately died and the management chores then fell into the hands of Jim Brown who was managing Earth Wind and Fire and Peoples Choice at that time.

The group then moved to the Avco Embassy imprint for one album and a single release entitled 'Ooh La We', which made the R & B Top 20, however Avco never released the album feeling that the sound wasn't 'Younghearts' enough.

The Younghearts then relocated to the 20th Century label and Charles Ingersoll took over the management chores.

The group then released the album 'Do You Have The Time', which was shortly followed by a second 20th Century outing entitled 'A Taste Of The Younghearts' (including musical arrangements from H.B.Barnum).

Several successful singles from each set made the R & B charts, however tour duties in Africa and Australia meant that they could not promote the sets in the way they would have wished.

The Younghearts

The Younghearts, over the years, earned the nickname 'The Entertainers' due to the intense energy of ther performances.

Charles Ingersoll performed with many artists and his vocals can be heard on Sly and the Family Stone's classic 'Thank You (For Lettin' Me Be Myself Again)'.

By 1975, the group were writing and producing all of their own material.

Sadly, that year, Bobby Solomon died from cancer, at the tender age of 31 years old, and Frank Hayes was drafted in as a replacement.

Bobby was survived by his Daughter Tanya Solomon and granchildren Rakela and Ebony. He was buried at Lynwood Cemetary, Lynwood CA.

They then hooked up with George Tobin, after Tobin had heard a song by the group called 'Queen Of My Heart.

This liaison led to them signing to ABC Records and the group recorded one album entitled 'All About Love'.

The vocals for the ABC album were undertaken by Charles Ingersoll and Ronnie Preyer and included their version of the Heatwave tune 'Sho Nuff Must Be Love' and a cover of the David Gates song 'If'.

Charles Ingersoll then left the group to form his own production company and lost contact with the other group members.

Frank Hayes

frank hayes

Frank Hayes, from the group, passed away from a long battle with prostate cancer in September 2007.

Ronald Preyer now resides in Los Angeles and is still performing, mainly, in Las Vegas.

i would like to thank charles ingersoll and shequita chamberlain for much of the information on this page

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Sweet Soul Shakin' (Minit Records 1968)

Do You Have The Time? (20th Century Records 1972)

A Taste Of The Younghearts (20th Century Records 1974)

All About Love (ABC Records 1977)

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